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How We Turned It Around

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

During the course of this project we wrote some really great affirmations. Just reading them will give your day a lift. Enjoy!


  • Money is fun to get.
  • Money is easy.
  • My money hides in my purse and then pops up whenever I need it!
  • My money is very well trained, it always comes when I call for it.
  • My money likes to hide in my pockets so that it can be there when I need it.
  • My money is ABUNDANT!!
  • I work because I want to.
  • I work because I want to, and I work because I like to.
  • I work because it's fun!
  • When my bills come I pay them.
  • When my bills come I pay them with JOY!!!
  • Opportunities are endless.
  • Every day is an opportunity to change the rest of my life.
  • Opportunities are abundance hidden in marvelously wrapped little packages of mystery and surprises, waiting to be opened!
  • Accidents are opportunities that have been waiting to happen.
  • When my bills come, I pay what I can and give the rest to God.
  • My checkbook is "FULL OF $$$ AND BALANCED TO THE PENNY!"
  • I know that if I keep following my heart the universe will take care of me.
  • My checkbook is always ready for action!
  • Dream on.
  • My checkbook is my friend.
  • I have wealth because I love.
  • I have Love, because I Am Love
  • When I look at my life, I see Love and Beauty
  • When I look at my life, I see "EXCITEMENT AND ADVENTURE"
  • When I look at my life, I see "LOVE AND HAPPINESS"
  • When I look at my life, I see hope and light. A bit of a surprise and a delight,
  • I am making the right decisions now in the moment.
  • When I look at my Life, I see peace and gratitude.
  • I'm present in the moment most of the time, and I never forget to count my blessings!
  • When I look at my Life, I see happiness and healing.
  • My checkbook is full of money!
  • Opportunities are Rising up ALL OVER THE PLACE!
  • I Am Free of Lack and Limitations!
  • I rise above all obstacles.
  • I Am a Free Spirit, boundless, unlimited, Free, abundant!
  • I have friends because I give love.
  • I have a good life because I will it to be so.
  • When I look at my life I see my life and I see myself and I like who I am.
  • I am here to heal.
  • I Am here to bring change to the world!
  • I Am here to bring POSITIVE Change to the world!
  • I AM HERE "To love others"
  • "I have love because I have a cat sitting right in front of my computer screen!"
  • "I have an abundance of money because I deserve it."
  • "I like my job because I get a paycheck."
  • "I like my job because I could be doing other things that are far more difficult or disgusting, like working in a sewer or cleaning port-a-potties."
  • "I LOVE my job because I am blessed to be employed while times are so tough and my employers are very kind and have good hearts."
  • I love my job because I work with friends and we have fun.
  • I love my job because it feels good to work hard.
  • I love my job because my employer values people over money.
  • I always think I need more cash but what I really need is more FREEDOM to do things that feed my spirit.
  • I always think I need more money, but what I really want is more faith.
  • My money is my friend.
  • I love and accept money unconditionally!
  • Money is a PART of my life and there is plenty of it in my life
  • There is always more than enough money for me!
  • I always think I need more time, but what I really want is more energy.
  • I always think I need more money, but what I really want is more time.
  • I always think I need more food but what I really want is more comfort.
  • I always think I need more peace but what I really want is more excitement and drama!!!
  • I always think I need more time, or money, or energy, or comfort, or stuff, or guidance, or knowledge... but what I really want is to know that everything is going to be OK.
  • I am happy
  • There is SELDOM, enough TIME IN THE DAY to enjoy all there is for me to enjoy!
  • There is ALWAYS enough LOVE for me.
  • I am blessed!!
  • I am part of something really big and really wonderful.
  • When I am at work, I feel like it's important to do the very best I can. I may not be thrilled all the time about what I'm doing, but I can at least give it my all, no matter how small the task.
  • My goal today is to listen to my inner voice and be patient with the fear, it too shall pass.
  • When I am at work, I feel loved and appreciated... I feel supported and understood... I feel important and needed...
  • Our Money is endless, as together we share in the common bond of Abundance which flows through the World of Love, and as we accept our rightful place in this New World, our abundance grows *expectedly* when we consider it as One, and not as something that is separate from Source!!
  • My money is not mine.
  • My money is NOT the enemy!
  • My money is not stupid!!
  • My money is not lost!!
  • My money is not disappearing!
  • My money is not the only money I'll ever get!
  • I love my money because I use it to improve my life and I like to spend it.
  • I have money because I want it and I deserve it.
  • I enjoy money because I like the freedom from worry it can bring and I love to use it to make others happy.
  • I love money because I get to do fun things with it and I am free to choose
  • I'm grateful for the endless giving from the One.
  • I love money because I know where it comes from and I'm in awe of My Love's boundlessness.
  • "I always get lucky"
  • "I always get what I need"
  • My totally blessed and abundant life is out of this world!
  • Everything is copacetic!
  • Everything is fine, excellent, going just right.
  • I wake up to the sound of music in my heart!
  • Everything is its own waayyyy..
  • I wake up to beauty.
  • I am rich in substance and talent. In my wildest ways I am amazed by that.I truly feel gifted by the statement and will love to honor every bit of it.
  • I am rich in love and friendship!
  • Bankruptcy is not a failure - it's a forgiveness!
  • Everything is going to be OK...
  • I wake up to today!
  • Tomorrow will be better. I know this because I will it to be so.
  • I am rich in ideas!
  • I am extremely successful when my time is my own.
  • I feel so happy when I get to do and decide what I want to do in every moment.
  • We are amazing beings...I am in awe.
  • Today is the best day of my life.


Unknown said...

thank you for all those inspiring thoughts and reminders, i am blessed by all of you. namaste

Anonymous said...

Wow! When I read back over all these comments I realized that we ARE positive! We ALREADY contain all the great, forward thinking, happy thoughts that we need! It's not like we have to LEARN a whole new way of thinking, it's just a matter of shifting those thoughts that are already there into the forefront of our consciousness and therefore pushing the negative and non-productive stuff to the rear. Perhaps those doubts and fears will remain, much like the positive thoughts that were there all along, as a part of who we are. But that doesn't mean we have to focus on them. This project really surprised me! I thought I would need to completely reprogram myself into a new brain pattern..when, in truth, all the power I need to be positive is there already! Thanks for summing up our comments this way because it really made me think! this was brilliant because WE did the work, in a way. It wasn't a project TELLING us what to was more of a discovery process.

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