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I am rich in

Friday, December 05, 2008

AbsolutSearch 82
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Finish this sentence with the first words that come into your mind:

I am rich in ___________ and ______________.

If you like what you just said... that's great! If what you just said shows you something uncomfortable about yourself that you'd like to change, now is the time to take steps to make some changes. Start first with that thought, how can you rewrite the sentence in a more positive way, and still make it sound and feel true for you?

Remember, if you rewrite the sentence to be how you "wish" it was, or how you think it "should" be, or even how you "want" it to be, it will not have nearly the effectiveness as it will if you can rewrite it in such a way that you KNOW the truth of it.

When you have your alternative sentence firmly fixed in your mind, it will begin to operate automatically in your life, filtering out experiences and ideas that do NOT reflect that positive statement.

As always, we all love to see what other people write - so log on and share. Something you say might be really helpful to those of us who read it.


Unknown said...

i am rich in substance and talent. in my wildest ways i am amazed by that. i truly feel gifted by the statement and will love to honor every bit of it.
thank you

Anonymous said...

I am rich in love and friendship! Wow! I can honestly and truly say that I have fantastic family and many, many friends whom I care about deeply. The way are lives have been womenv together creates a very rich tapestry indeed! I feel my wealth is in my relationships.

Anonymous said...

Oh, hey, that was me..forgot my name!

Shirley Twofeathers said...

I am rich in dog hair and dirt. I am also rich in work and things to do. I am rich in paper... rich in ... blogs!!

I am rich in ideas!

There - that's a good one!!

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