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  • We all - “We all not only could know everything. We do. We just tell ourselves we don't to make it all bearable.” ~Neil Gaiman

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Every Voyage

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Every voyage
has both
the tempest
and the calm

The mummer
has often
the clearest
of voice

'Tis better
travel alone
than join with
rogue's company

comes not

Claim not
as right
that given
in gift

Look to
the light
and shadows
fall behind


Karla said...

Ok, Let me just make sure I get this. Are we "spaking" these phrases three times each for six days? And then tomorrow do we say these phrases plus a new set, or do we only do the new set?

Sigh. I'm an uncaffeinated blond.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Hi Karla, the way I understand it is that we are picking ONE of these phrases and "spaking" it 6 times ... and then repeating that action 3 times a day with the SAME phrase - so that at the end of the day we have repeated our chosen phrase 18 times. The next day we pick a NEW phrase and do the same thing... And at the end of the six days, we rest our by now overworked brains... LOL...

It seems so simplistic, and yet, I'm curious to see if it will have any effect on me at all.

I've been in a terrible funk for let me see... must be about 40 days now... I'm hoping this is the new prozak.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Today I'm doing the "look to the light" one... ... strangely enough, it has lightened my mood already!

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