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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Oculatum may offer clarity, strength, and awareness for the attentive reader in his or her daily life. Here's how:

You shall "spake time six these words, three times" as "matins, lauds and at vespers" and do this "six full days" and then "take rest," explains the instructions to the original Oculatum.

The book opens both from the front and from the back, each side looks identical - except that one is "up side down" which is interesting because there is no way to tell the "front" from the "back." Thus, the book has no beginning, no end, and may be read in either direction. Once the choice as to how to open the book is made, it must be decided which is the top and which is the bottom of the page. The book itself is divided into sections of six - the seventh day being a day of rest.

Assuming we are at the beginning of a section, the idea is to read the four-line phrase six times, either out loud or silently. Repeat this action three times during the day - on waking, at a mid-point, and again before retiring.

The following day, the process is repeated for the next page and so on for the six day period. "It is of no consequence for the reader to remember, understand, or comprehend the phrase; it matters only that it be read. For it should be upon the completion of the sixth day that the reader may discover a greater sense of focus and awareness. Any decisions to be made can now be acted upon."

If the reader desires, the process may be repeated in the same section or in any other as described above.

Those being the instructions for the book, I thought that what I'll do is post six different phrases each day. You pick the one you want to "do" for that day, and share any thoughts, feelings, ideas, or experiences that come up. On the seventh day, we'll "rest." And since we're beginning the project on a Thursday (tomorrow), that makes Wednesday our "resting" day.


Sudha said...

Hi,Am a new subscriber to your blog. Am looking forward to the new project. Sounds interesting.....

Two Feathers said...

Hello Sudha! Thanks for joining us!

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