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Another Article About Keeping Commitments

Sunday, April 04, 2010

From Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, author, motivatinal speaker, and inspirational leader we have the following article:

Have you wondered what sets the highly successful people ahead of others? One key factor is keeping commitments.

It is astonishing that 90% of the world's problems result from people failing to keep their commitments. Heads of state, CEO's, family members and friends, every missed goal or uncompleted task can be traced back to someone not keeping their end of the bargain.

We all make commitments every day. Some seem small and insignificant-agreed upon time to meet, a promise to run an errand or a promise to follow-up. Others are ostensibly bigger and more important-a formal contract or legal document, etc. It is important to consider all commitments equally important, because this is the way trust is built and maintained. A person's reputation is built upon their ability to make and keep commitments. Your life will work better when commitments are carefully made and diligently kept.

There are five key factors in making and keeping commitments.

  1. All Commitments Are Important: When you agree to do something-do it as agreed. When you agree to meet someone, be there on time. When you fail to keep a commitment you fail yourself first and the other person second.

  2. Be Careful What You Agree To: Many people find it easier to say yes instead of no. It is far better to agree to what you can do, than saying yes to please someone at the moment and later fail your commitment because of being over-committed or because you have difficulty saying no.

  3. Manage Your Commitments: Keep a log of your commitments-Write them down. You may have great intentions, but if you forget to do what you agreed to do, the result is the same as your 'Choosing' not to keep your commitment.

  4. Renegotiate When You Are Unable to Keep Your Commitment: When you discover you are unable or unwilling to complete an agreement, go to the other party/parties and renegotiate.

  5. Manage By Agreement: Instead of telling someone to do something, ask if they would agree to doing it and by when. You have a greater chance it will get done if you ask rather than tell.

By paying careful attention to the commitments you make, tracking them and developing the habit of keeping all your commitments you will be known as a person of integrity. Your life and the world around you work in direct proportion to the quality of your commitments.



Shirley Twofeathers said...

So I wrote a good comment and lost it...

It went something like this - I find the concept of renegotiating commitments comforting, except for when I think about actually renegotiating with someone other than myself... that sounds freaking scary. I mean, what if they are disappointed in me? or annoyed? or upset?

Also liking this: Your life will work better when commitments are carefully made and diligently kept.

And wondering what would happen if I made a list of my previously made commitments to myself... and then CAREFULLY renegotiated them... paying special attention to how many hours there are in the day, and if it's something I actually WANT to do... how would my life change if I then KEPT those commitments come hell or high water...

Oh, hey! This sounds like something I coulc post about tomorrow. I think I will!

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