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Keeping the peace?

Thursday, April 08, 2010

I loved this comment that Karla made a couple of days ago. I decided to post it so that all of our readers will get to see it. The comment was in reference to the post about brain scans being able to predict who will keep a promise and who won't.

"What is dishonest?" For some people, white lies and evasive techniques come very easily because they are the type that survives best in a harmonious atmosphere. I see this a lot in reading palms. Crooked pinkies indicate fibbing...the more twisted the pinkie, the more apt someone is to twist the truth. But slightly bent often just means the person adjusts truth to keep peace.

We can apply this to our project, I think. When we don't keep those promises to ourselves were we fibbing at the onset? Or is it that the need is simply to harmonize another area of our life at that moment when we must let that promise go?

So, Karla, here's my answer:

When I read this, the first thing I did was check my pinkie fingers - and sure enough, they are only very slightly bent. How interesting! Years ago, they used to be alot more crooked than they are now. So, clearly I'm making progress with myself which is good. The fact that they are even slightly bent, plus the fact that I know what I do got me thinking... Do I adjust the truth to keep the peace? Or am I more likely to tweak the facts in order to avoid trouble? or ease my workload? And at what point does adjusting the truth to smooth out the wrinkles in my life actually begin to cause way more trouble for me than it fixes?

And that answer brings up even more questions:

And what about you? Are you a truth adjuster? What do your pinkie fingers look like? When you find yourself not keeping the commitments you make to yourself, is it in the interests of peace and harmony? or to avoid trouble? And is that the same thing? What areas of your life do you most often find a need to "harmonize," where are your peacekeeping skills most evident? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about this one, and how it might relate to this project, and have you been able to keep your commitment to yourself thus far, and if not, were you on a peace keeping mission? or troubleshooting? or what?


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