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A work in progress

Monday, October 23, 2006

Hi.. this post is still a work in progress. And I am not sure that I will ever get it "done".

....So sorry to do this, but this project has been moved and can be found in its new home Praying For Prosperity at the new and improved Prosperity Project hosted at And can be found in its entirety here: A work in progress

So.. our project is a work in progress, our site is a work in progress, and each one of us is a work in progress.. and I like that because it shows a sort of continuity.. an "integrity" of sorts.


Anonymous said...

Okay, day nine. Again no connection with the person who prayed with me at Silent Unity. In fact I was having a great deal of difficulty understanding or following what she said. Seriously I could not follow what she said. I also tried going to their web site to look at prayers for prosperity. For me it was nicer to look, read and ponder for as long as I needed than to have someoe, seeminly, rushing through a prayer that I could not understand or remember when they were done. I am not sure if this praying with someone is for me, especially over the phone. I can see how for some people it would be fine and maybe if these prayers did not feel so rushed I would feel better.

Anonymous said...

Daniel...I really like the email option too. It allows me to get centered and pray about what I want to, and although I did not have a bad experience over the phone, it is just more comfortable for me to be able to write down the things that I want to say and send them. I've been going back and forth between the two options, but i really like the email better.

Cindy H said...

I guess I missed a couple days of posting....time flies when you're having fun, as they say. (I had my beautiful granddaughter all weekend and that IS fun!)

I have been switching off on calling and e-mailing Unity, also, especially if I call and have to wait on hold.

I haven't seen any money come my way yet unexpectedly, but I do feel very prosperous in other ways!

Anonymous said...

Well, I totally forgot to call for prayer yesterday. Didn't even think about it until today. My excuse is that I was really sick.. coughing and sneezing and muddle-minded.

Also, I think there was a certain.. hesitancy because I liked the Science of Mind prayer line so much better. So.. that might also be a factor.

Their number, by the way, is: 1-800-421-9600. The recorded message while you are on hold is not as nice as the Silent Unity one, but I really enjoyed the rest of it. If you put Science of Mind into your search bar, you can come up with their website. I can't remember if it's a .org or a .com. They also have a nifty form where they walk you thru the steps of creating your own prayer. It was pretty cool.

As for my own prosperity - I feel like I am back peddling a little bit. I had a part time job lined up for today, probably worth at least $60 or $70, and if fizzled out. I had a weekly appointment that was making me $25 each time, and it has been rescheduled to every other week. I under charged for shipping on the stuff I sent out and that ate into my already slender profit margin. And the person who called about dog training never returned my call back.. so.. I feel like I am swimming upstream and going no where fast.

On the other hand, I do not feel discouraged or concerned about it. I actually am feeling really upbeat and hopeful. I think this group is a large part of that. And since we have the onset of my yearly winter depression - that's really quite amazing.. usually right about now I am on a downward spiral that culminates in a pit of bleak self pity and despair somewhere towards the end of January.

Anyway.. it still is too soon to tell what our results will be.. and besides.. next month we will be trying something new.. and the month after that something else new.. so.. Hey.. it's alright.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Cindy, I got rid of your duplicate post for you. Michelle wanted me to let you guys know that she is working on getting the Reiki Crystals ready.

I have noticed that sometimes it seems to be impossible to log on to and our site. I don't know what's up with that, but it has something to do with blogger and not us. The problem usually clears in a couple of hours. Maybe tomorrow if I have time, I will surf the FAQ's and other blogger sites to see if I can find out what causes that.

If any of you have anything of interest that I can put into the "post for the day".. email it to me. I would love the input.

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