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In the morning

Saturday, June 02, 2007

In the morning, the one who does not understand will consider what he will do, while the one who understands will consider what the one will do with him.

~Ibn 'ata 'illah


Anonymous said...

Must concur with Melissa LOVE the pictures this month. I personally really feel like I am getting a lot out of this even if it is not so far in the form of material prosperity+

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly, even though I feel even further away from God then when we started this project - my finances have been just great! I even had 2 miracles occur.

One was when I found my passport, birth certificate, and citizenship papers in the bottom of a 5 year old box of junk mail that I was getting ready to throw away... (I have been looking for them for 6 months and finally gave up)

And the other was when $257 of past due on an electric bill I am responsible for magically turned into $86 and my daughter paid it.

And yet, I feel hugely discouraged because I cannot seem to "find" God, or "feel" God, or "see" God, or "believe in" God, or "trust" god, or "love" God... It's all very interesting and confusing...

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Thanks you guys for posting.. I really appreciate your appreciation... (smile)...

Anonymous said...

Maybe the conflict comes in the name we use - I don't always pray to "God" - this month I have more often been praying to feel my oneness with "Divine Order" and "Divine Life" and "Divine Love" because to me, those are infinite concepts that have no personality and therefore have no grudge against me and they can do nothing but provide their true essence to maybe if you find a word or concept that you can feel more "at home" with, it will help.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if that would help or not. I haven't really been able to "pray"... I say words, and I think thoughts.. but I do not have a sense that any connection has been made.. and now that I'm thinking about it, it occurs to me that this is what is missing.. that feeling of connection. I have never had this much trouble ever before.. I don't know what it is.. usually I can go outside and take a couple of deep breaths and feel "connected" to "the all that is"... bnt not anymore. I think that my "spiritual bone" is broken...

Anonymous said...

I too have felt the lack of connection at times in the past. Maybe you need a physical connection? Go hug a tree or pet your sheep, or lay in the grass and feel the breeze on your face...maybe the physical activity will break through the emotional barrier to allow that connection to come through.

On a separate note, I have not been meditating or praying formally either. But I love to speak my affirmations in the car and at work when I'm alone, so I can keep coming back to that centered place, which is the only thing getting me through the day because I am SO BORED and BURNED OUT with my job. God is really the only thing getting me through. I am fully expecting and ready to win some grand prizes in the sweepstakes I enter so I can move forward with my life doing what I want to do! I feel like I've been in limbo for the last year and a half, knowing I was going to leave my job but not being able to yet, and now circumstances are causing a further I am ready to win and move on!!! Anytime now, Universe...

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