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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Something beautiful
that I am truly grateful for is ____________ .


Anonymous said...


Also, grass, clouds, blue sky, trees, stars, the moon, my property, my grand children, the dark, frogs in the pond...

The list for me, goes on and on.

Anonymous said...

i am grateful that i can see beauty in almost any form...the ability to transfer that into art is also a beautiful thing that i am grateful for.

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful talent that you have and I'm glad you are able to pursue it

Anonymous said...

The 25+ tomatoes growing on my 4 tomato plants in my square-foot-garden in my big beautiful green open backyard!

Cindy H said...

My granddaughter! I am so grateful that she has been a regular part of my life during her entire 3 years on this planet! I love her SO MUCH and she is SO BEAUTIFUL inside and out!!!

The other exceptionally beautiful item in my life is my daughter, Shari! She, too, is beautiful inside and out!!

Anonymous said...

Something beautiful that I am truly grateful for is.....oh there are to many things to list but one would have to be my dog Zan, my partner Gary, flowers and plants, the colours, poetry especially by Pattiann Rogers and on and on

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