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Thank You #1

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Welcome to day one of "Project Gratitude". Each day I will be posting a sentence or a phrase for us all to answer. I'm hoping this will make for a simple and yet interesting daily journey into thankfulness. Here is our first one:

Today, I am deeply appreciative that ____________.


Anonymous said...

Ok, here goes:

Today I am deeply appreciative that my car is running good, and I have money in the bank, and that I can go up Quick Mart and buy a Monster Energy drink and somehow come alive.

I am deeply appreciative of the wide variety of caffeinated beverages that will be available to me there.

I also deeply appreciate that my dogs are in good shape, I have most of my faculties (??- well at least some of them anyway), and my computer is clearly running just fine.

I do absolutely deeply - very deeply appreciate - running water, air conditioning, electricity, and the money to pay for them.

And oh, I almost forgot! I deeply appreciate that today is my "friday" and so I have one more night of work and then I am off for 4 days... wow... 4 days off every week... I really appreciate that too.

All in all it looks to me like life is good!

Anonymous said...

Today I deeply appreciate certain luxuries and the peace that goes with them - ice, perrier, a slice of real lemon.

Anonymous said...

today i deeply appreciate the fact that my children are healthy, and happy, and compassionate. i appreciate my sweet and loving friends, the ones that make life seem more interesting, and meaningful. i appreciate the fact that i am not living with a madman. he is not mean, and he is good hearted, and he loves me in his peculiar way. i appreciate the gift of my house, and the financial security i have been given. i appreciate the fact that my family and friends and pets are healthy. i appreciate the presence of spirit in my life in ways that i am easily able to recognize and that are realized at just the right times. and today, i am particularly appreciative of this blog, because if i had not sat down and thought about it, i might have forgotten for a moment that i am so deeply grateful for these things in the rush of daily activity and domesticity.

Anonymous said...

What am I thankful for?I am lucky to have finally found a very fulfilling job and be financially secure.

I have had very loving nurturing parents that were always there for me. They took me around the world and were dedicated to my education.
I had a strong nuclear family with my parents always together. They taught me to exercise and always eat healthy. I was very fortunate to have had a wife who loved me with all of her heart and it made me realize that only the good die young. I am happy to realize what true love was instead of just a facade and getting used.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate that my husband is taking an interest in getting a handle on our finances. I appreciate all the work he's done for the past week (over 30 hours spent!) getting bills and bank statements organized and figured out. I appreciate my paycheck and my health insurance. And I am appreciative of my friends and loved ones who love and value me.

Cindy H said...

Today I am deeply appreciative that I have a roof over my head, air conditioning & plenty of food. I have a great family including a generous dad and 2 smart kids and I appreciate that they and all of my pets are healthy. I am appreciative of my loving, secure childhood with 2 parents who loved me unconditionally and told me I could do anything if I set my mind to it.

I especially thank the universe for allowing me to live this life and the opportunities for growth and learning, including being born in a country where we are free to love and worship freely.

Anonymous said...

Today I am deeply appreciative that I am blessed with so many good friends who love me enough to tell me when I am way off track and who aren't afraid to tell me how much they love me.

Mark said...

Today, I am deeply appreciative that my health has improved, for my wonderful and miraculous meeting with Dom Cipriano, such an extraordinary and beautiful human being, and teacher, and for his healing hands and loving manner, his wisdom and kindness, and the time he gave me which is so precious. And for the amazing and guided discovery of the Oseopath, Dan, who put my spinal energies back in perfect alignment taking away the excruciating pains i was feeling, what a blessing! And for this wonderful and lovely city, Rio de Janeiro and the gift it is to live here in front of Ipanema Beach, and see the ocean as i'm writingi this.
I'm grateful (may i say that rather than appreciative?) for the blessing and healings, the clearing and the lessons, the love and guidance and support of Melekzedek (as we spell it = Melchidezedek), who loves me so, and has taught me so much. Thank you M!
I'm grateful for the friends and family who love me and accept all my faults and mistakes, endlessly and love me still!
For the lovely piano Julia (named for my beloved grandmother) who plays with me, and brings me joy and happiness, and the most profound feeling of freedom and love and connectedness when we play together.
I'm grateful for all the people who help me in my healing process, the doctors, masseurs, accupuncturists, and exercise professionals, who give me hope and encouagemnt, and of course a healthier world.
Thanks for these amazing times we live in, for the challnges that they provide, and for the gift that it is to live through 2012, and witness whatever's proficied!
I'm deeply grateful for the Love of Jeshova, and all the beings of love which guide and assist me in my life.
I'm grateful for my gifts of healing, and of writing, and of connectedness and all the other wonderful blessings that i've received and continue to receive always.
I'm thankful for the money that i have which allows me to delve deeply into the spiritual practives each and every day!
I'm deeply appreciative for the medicines which help sustain my health, in the physical realm, and for even the cigarettes who teach me the power of addictive compounds, and help me learn my weakenesses as I become free of them, and all others with love and respect, honoring them and blessing them as they go.
And I'm deeply graetful for my purpose, and mission(s), and for having been given this wonderful, simple, and effective program of Gratitude, thanks everyone who made it possible!

Shirley Twofeathers said...

And thank you Mark for reminding me about being thankful...

Today I am deeply thankful for and appreciative that I have good friends and for the wonderful weather we are having...

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