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The Hero's Journey

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

All of a sudden, at pretty much the end of our project, I'm finding all kinds of good information that might be helpful. In order to fit it all in, I've decided to extend our project just a little bit, and give this section an additional name: The Hero's Journey. I don't know how many days it will add to our original Living A Larger Life project, but I thought we might follow it to a satisfactory conclusion. For starters, we have this:

From Hero's Journey, I found this little tidbit:

The Hero's Journey is an archetypal path of individual transformation. It is a map that shows the stages of our personal process of evolution. These stages are revealed time and again in myths and legends in all cultures throughout the history of humanity. While the structure of these stages is universal, the expression is completely unique for each individual.

At different times in our lives we are aware of a calling; a push or pull forward. This starts us on a path of learning and growth. Along this path we meet inevitable challenges. Confronting these challenges forces us to evolve in new ways and directions and brings us to a journey of self-discovery. This journey involves crossing a threshold into a new territory outside of our comfort zones, finding the proper guardians (resources), and facing and transforming inner “demons” or “shadows.”

In order to effectively complete such a journey, we need maps, tools and resources.

If that's true, I think it might be helpful to make a list, or write some notes about the following:

  • What is your calling?
  • Where do you feel yourself pushed? or is it pulled?
  • What about your comfort zone? What does it look like?
  • Where does your discomfort zone begin? What might that look like?
  • What resources would be helpful?
  • Where might you look for guardians or helpers?
  • Do you already have helpers and guardians you could call on?
  • Who are those inner demons?
  • What do they look like?
  • What are their names?
  • Do you have a map?
  • Do you even know where you're going?
  • Or why?
  • What tools would be helpful?
  • Are their tools and talents that you already have?
  • If you were going to assist someone else as they prepared for a similar journey, what would you tell them? What would your advice be?


Shirley Twofeathers said...

Wow. I love all those questions. I just wish I had time to sit down and answer them!! It's so much easier to think of questions then it is to answer them!

jennielee226 said...

I only have time to answer the first question right now, but I plan to write them down and answer them in my journal when I have time to realy think about the answers. But to answer the first question my calling is to fight social injustice.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

And I'll also answer that first question and say that my calling is to teach, to share knowledge and ask questions... wow... I'm doing some of that right here!

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