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Wrapping Things Up

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Well, it looks like we've come to the close of the project on exploring how to live a larger life through movies and books. I'm really curious to hear feedback on this one because of all the projects I've posted over the years, this one triggered the biggest changes for me.

So, how did it work for you? Did you find anything interesting? useful? Was your life enlarged in any way? How did the project meet your expectations? How did it fall short? Would you recommend books and movies as a way to live larger? If so, are there any particular ones you might mention? If not, why not?

We also did a small bit about The Hero's Journey. It was interesting to me, and gave me a new perspective on the flow of life and how it's the same as and different than a hero's journey in the movies. Any comments about that one?

Your feedback is important and appreciated.


Karla said...

I found a lot of value in some of the articles and inspirations posted for this project. It's funny, though, I don't know that the "heroic" part sunk in. I had a tough time envisioning myself on a quest with an almighty purpose. I see that this may be something I need to work on in a couple ways. First, my goals should be about more than just surviving the day to day rat race and second, I need to take the time to let my imagination flow with higher thoughts. I just didn't put myself into this project fully in my mind.

I really liked the recent post about the "Cosmic Motion Picture of Life". Not because of a heroic connection, but because there is a lot of major transition happening in the world right now and this was a fresh perspective with which to watch all these changes unfolding and feel more positive about seemingly scary times.

Maybe being heroic is having the courage to watch and NOT take action sometimes.

Thanks everyone! Thanks Shirley! Great stuff, as usual!! When does the Prosperity Project book come out?? :)

jennielee226 said...

I got a lot out of this project exspecialy towards the beginning. It helped me find my calling.
I didn't get quite as much out of the hero's journey towards the end but it was still interesting and I may use it later in life.

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