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3 Tips to Giving Intelligently

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tip 1 - Give some thought and do some planning before you give to others.

You probably would not want to give to a person with criminal intentions. Also it would not be wise to give freely to a child who is spoiled and demanding. A valuable exercise is to write on a piece of paper who you give to, what you give, and what benefits or detriments they receive.

Tip 2 - Discover what you like to give to others.

If people repeatedly ask you to do things for them that you dislike doing, you are probably going to end up feeling unhappy about giving those things. You might even feel like a martyr about it. Martyrs are miserable people who make others miserable.

Discover what you like to give that is beneficial to others and give it. Success both personally and professionally is formed when you learn this habit.

Tip 3 - When you give, make sure it is something that is wanted by the recipient.

If we are giving something to people that they don't want, it could be a waste of time, effort or money. For example, we may give a gift to someone, and it is not needed by them. Another example, is talking to someone about something that they have no interest in. Make sure what you give is of value to the recipient.

~from Bruce Painter


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