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Giving Blood

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I've been thinking about this giving thing, and it occured to me that possibly some of us (myself included) are thinking of giving in terms of giving money or "stuff" when maybe, it's sufficient and good to give attention, compassion, nonjudgment, smiles, hugs, appreciation, and those kinds of "things."

Giving Blood

I firmly believe that we need to share our good, but you don't ask a person who is hemoraging to donate blood, nor do you ask this of a person who is sick or in a weakened condition. We need to give from our strengths, from our fullness.

Which brings me to the following questions:

  1. What are your strengths?
  2. What is your fullness - what are you rich in?
  3. What do you most like to give?
  4. Are you generous with your attention, your compassion, your open heart?
  5. What (who) do you devote the bulk of your time and energy to?
  6. When do you give to yourself first? How do you take care of you?

That picture, by the way, is a photograph of the very first blood transfusion. More details can be found at Flickr where the image is hosted. And on a side note, if you are healthy why not consider giving blood? Here's a link to the Red Cross to find out more.


Shirley Twofeathers said...

1. My strengths are the things I know how to do. Blogging, dog training, reiki, animal communication, teaching, stuff like that.

2. I am rich in dog hair and dirt; bills and broken stuff; opinions; ideas; creativigy; time alone; love for my dog; books; junk and useless stuff.

3. I most like to give my thoughts, my creativity, my knowledge, my opinion.

4. When it comes to my dog, my friends, and my blogs - I do give my attention and my compassion. In other areas - not so much.

5. I devote the bulk of my time and energy to my internet projects.

6. Myself first? Sometimes I think that it's always about me first... that maybe it's all about me in the extreme. Other times, at the same time, I don't do much to actually take care of me.

So... there you have it.

the gay bookworm said...

I couldn't comment yesterday since I was not in good place mentally or physically. But today is better somehow.

1) My strenghts are many in my humble opinion. I am smart, well read, funny, caring and giving, generous,loving,considerate and all the other things that make me such an all around great person. LOL

2) I am rich in friends, family, ideas & dreams, in spirit, in mind and body.

3) I love to give what is needed. Seriously if I am aware of a need in someone or a situation I love to give what is needed to the best of my ability. Sometimes it is not possible for me to give what I think is needed but I have noticed that in the long run people get what I intended for them,maybe not from me, but from the universe.

4) I think and I have been told by people who love me that I am generous with what I have in every way.

5) The bulk of my time is occupied in work and taking care of my partner who suffers from a problem with his memory function.

6) I give to myself usually in Half-Price Books. I love books and for the most part I don't deny myself a book I really want. And when I have the opportunity to garden plants are another reward for me.

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