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Thursday, April 17, 2008

We haven't talked about the subject of tithing yet, and I'm curious to know what your beliefs and habits are when it comes to the idea of giving a percentage of your income.

  • Do you tithe?
  • If so, who do you tithe to?
  • How much do you usually give?
  • Do you tithe from your gross income? or your net?
  • What do you think about tithing?
  • Is it a "good" thing to do?
  • Does it bring prosperity?
  • Have any other opinions on the subject?

My own idea of tithing is this. I think I need to tithe to ME. If I put 10% of even my net income into savings, that would be awesome! I could call it my "soul food" money and spend it on what feeds me spiritually.

I also have this other really cool idea that if everyone on the planet, including corporations and governments were to tithe 10% of their land back to nature. Leave it untouched and sacred... how different life on earth would be. I have 6.5 acres of land, and I do keep a portion of it untouched. We so often forget all the other little lives that depend on green spaces and wild natural places.

I'm not sure how something like this would work in an apartment... but I am sure that a person who was committed to the idea could figure something out.

Anyway... those are my thoughts for today. What are yours?


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