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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Saul Maraney visited our project and offered this link. I thought it might be potentially helpful, and so (as per his guidelines) am posting it here in it's entirety. For those of you who like affirmations and positive statements, you've just hit the jackpot!

Saul Maraney's Notes of Zero Limits -
By Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr Hew Len 9 March 2008

In this Photo, Saul Maraney (Left) and Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len (Right).

  1. When I notice a problem. I ask MYSELF: “What is going on inside of ME that I have caused this problem? And how can I rectify this problem in ME?”
  2. My work is to clean myself. As I clean myself, the world gets clean, because I am the world. All outside of ME is a projection and illusion.
  3. It is my responsibility to fix everything I experience from the inside of ME by connecting to The Divine. I say “I love You” to The Divine to fix everything on the outside.
  4. I am cleaning MY memories.
  5. The pain inside of ME is a SHARED memory. Dr Hew Len knew that it was a program that caused the patients to act in the way they did. They had no control. They were caught up in a program. As I feel a problem, I clean.
  6. I am cleaning the old memories stored in MY Subconscious mind.
  7. The four statements I say over and over in MY mind, addressing the Divine to stop my mental chatter:
    * I love You
    * I’m sorry
    * Please forgive me
    * Thank you
  8. I constantly clean on everything as I have no idea what is a memory, and what is an inspiration. I constantly clean to get to a place of Zero limits.
  9. Our minds only have a tiny view of the world.
  10. Our brain tells us what to do BEFORE we consciously decide to do it. This mean that intentions come from MY unconscious mind, THEN enter my conscious awareness.
  11. Extensive experiments have shown that a surge of activity in the brain reliably appears about 1/3 of a second BEFORE the intention.
  12. It is proven that I CANNOT control the origin of the signal that nudges ME to take action.
    “NO intention is ever hatched in consciousness”
  13. Intentions are premonitions: “They are icons that flash in the corner of consciousness to indicate what may be about to occur.”
  14. I have realized that intentions aren’t MY choice at all.
  15. Only 2 laws dictate MY experience: Inspiration from Divinity (new) and memories stored in the Subconscious (old).
  16. Zero is the residence of ME and Divinity. It is the place from where and from Whom all Blessings, wealth and peace flow.
  17. I am looking past inspiration and going to Source – Zero.
  18. I love and forgive and give thanks for MY concerns.
  19. By cleaning MY memories, The Divine has a chance to come through with inspiration.
  20. Money problems are simply memories replaying. These are memories that displace Zero (ME). To return to Zero, I require Divinity to erase the memories behind MY money concerns.
  21. Money concerns are a program.
  22. I am cleaning on the memory problems so that it disappears. I am returning to peace.
  23. Intention is a limp rag compared to inspiration.
  24. I give in to inspiration.
  25. Inspiration comes suddenly, within a few seconds.
  26. I receive ideas that come from inspiration.
  27. Rather than state intentions, I seize opportunities.
  28. When I come from the Zero State where there are Zero limits I don’t need intentions, I simply receive and act on inspirations, and miracles happen.
  29. Free will takes place AFTER I have the impulse to do something, BEFORE I actually do it.
  30. By CONSTANTLY cleaning all thoughts, whether inspiration or memory, I will be better able to choose what is right in the moment.
  31. Money problems are programs from MY memory, not inspiration from The Divine.
  32. I need to love MY memory programs, UNTIL they dissolve, and all that remains is Divinity.
  33. Everything I see and experience is inside ME.
  34. If I want to change anything, I do it INSIDE ME.
  35. I take 100% responsibility for MY whole life.
  36. Whenever I experience a problem, I am always there.
  37. I am responsible for it all.
  38. I understand that people are acting from a memory / program. To help them, I have to remove the program. And the only way to do that is by cleaning:
    * I love You
    * I’m sorry
    * Please forgive me
    * Thank you
  39. I am making right.
  40. I am RELEASING the energy of these painful thoughts (memories) which cause imbalance.
  41. All problem solving is done WITHIN MYSELF.
  42. I am erasing MY memories and programs.
  43. Everything that appears in MY life is only a PROJECTION of my programs.
  44. All in alignment:
    * Subconscious (Child)
    * Conscious (Mother)
    * Super-conscious (Father)
  45. All thoughts are imbued with painful memories.
  46. The intellect working alone cannot solve these problems, because the intellect only manages. I want to release all MY old memories.
  47. With Ho’oponopono, The Divinity TAKES the painful memories, neutralizes and erases them.
  48. I am NEUTRALIZING the energy I associate with people and things.
  49. Once the energy gets neutralized, the energy then gets released and there is a brand new state.
  50. I am allowing The Divinity to come in and fill the void with light.
  51. Whenever I notice a problem I clean.
  52. By asking for FORGIVENESS I clear the path for healing to manifest.
  53. What blocks well-being is a lack of love, FORGIVENESS opens the door to allow it back in.
  54. I am 100% responsible for everything in MY life.
  55. I need to be 100% responsible.
  56. If I want to solve a problem, I need to work on MYSELF.
  57. When someone irritates ME. I ask myself: “What is going on inside of ME that is causing this person to irritate ME?”
  58. I am SORRY for whatever is going on, please FORGIVE ME.
  59. If someone has a sore back. I ask myself: “What is going on inside of me that shows up as this person’s back pain?”
  60. I work on MYSELF.
  61. At heart, we are all Divine.
  62. Programs are CAUGHT, and I need to clean them.
  63. I am petitioning Love to rectify errors in ME by saying. “I AM SORRY. Please FORGIVE me for whatever is going on inside of me that has manifested as this problem.”
  64. Love’s responsibility is to then TRANSMUTE the errors within ME that manifest as the problem.
  65. Each problem is an opportunity to clean.
  66. Problems are JUST replayed memories of the past showing up to give me one more chance to see them from the eyes of Love, and to act from INSPIRATION.
  67. I am taking full responsibility for MY life.
  68. I have to take full responsibility for what people in MY life are experiencing.
  69. “I Love You” is the code that unlocks the healing.
  70. I use “I Love You” on ME. Everyone’s problems are MY problems.
  71. I need to heal ME.
  72. I am the source of all the experiences.
  73. I am acting from either memory (thinking) or inspiration (receiving).
  74. If memories are playing, I won’t hear the inspiration.
  75. Programs are like a BELIEF. My challenge is to CLEAR all the programs so that I am back at the Zero State, where inspiration can come through.
  76. All memories are SHARED.
  77. My job is to clean the memory, so that it will leave ME and the other person as well.
  78. Ho’oponopono takes commitment.
  79. The Divine is NOT an order taker.
  80. It takes CONSTANT focusing on cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.
  81. I am DISSOLVING the limiting programs that I see and feel.
  82. MY mind doesn’t have any idea of what is going on.
  83. There are only 15 bits of information available to MY conscious mind, while there are 15 million bits present at any one time.
  84. I must let go and TRUST.
  85. I am staying in THIS moment.
  86. When I say: “I Love You”, I am trying to clean anything in this moment.
  87. When I say: “I Love You”, I am EVOKING the spirit of Love to heal within ME what is creating or attracting my outer circumstances.
  88. I am HEALING within ME the HIDDEN program that we are BOTH participating in.
  89. I am aiming to achieve PEACE.
  90. There is NO out here. The ONLY place to look is inside ME.
  91. I do not plan; I TRUST Divinity.
  92. I love, acknowledge and appreciate EVERYTHING.
  93. I say: “I Love You”, to APPEAL to The Divine Creator to CANCEL the memories in MY subconscious mind to Zero, and to REPLACE them in MY soul and the souls of all with Divinity’s thoughts, words, deeds and actions.
  94. I am being 100% responsible.
  95. Divinity is TRANSFORMING the stuck energy.
  96. I clean myself and ask: “What’s going on in ME that this came up in them?”
  97. My conscious mind DOESN’T have a clue of what is going on!
  98. I am taking my mind BACK to Zero, with NO data on it.
  99. Ho’oponopono is a process of CONSTANT, INCESSANT Zeroing, so that I can be back at Zero.
  100. ONLY at Zero can creation (inspiration) take place.
  101. I ask MYSELF: “What is it that I have to clear that I don’t know? I have No idea of what is going on!”
  102. My mind can ONLY serve memory or inspiration. And only ONE at a time.
  103. Divine Inspiration is WITHIN ME.
  104. All of ME is in alignment:
    * Super-conscious (Father) - Amakua;
    * Conscious (Mother) – Uhane;
    * Subconscious (Child) - Unihipili
  105. When I am at Zero, EVERYTHING is available.
  106. I am created in the IMAGE of The Divine: Void and Infinite.
  107. I am LETTING GO of MY memories.
  108. If I have a problem with someone else, it means that there is a MEMORY coming up that I am REACTING to. It is NOT the other person.
  109. I am asking this question of Divinity: “What is going on in ME, that I have caused this person’s pain?”
  110. Then I ask: “How can I RECTIFY this problem within ME?”
  111. I work on ME, NOT on other people.
  112. If an idea is still there after three cleanings. I ACT upon it.
  113. I don’t plan, I TRUST The Divine to take care of the problems (memories).
  114. If something is in MY experience I need to clean on it.
  115. ALL experiences are SHARED.
  116. I create EVERYTHING in MY reality.
  117. I attracted MY situation, and I am FORGIVING myself and the energy surrounding the problem.
  118. I am SHIFTING the energy inside of ME.
  119. I love MYSELF to love others.
  120. I am remembering who I TRULY am.
  121. MY true nature is to LOVE.
  122. New clients flock to ME.
  123. Success is flowing to ME easily.
  124. am cleaning and clearing MYSELF.
  125. I am 100% responsible for ALL MY life.
  126. I am CONSTANTLY cleaning and clearing the memories from MY subconscious mind.
  127. I have CHANGED the way I approach life.
  128. I have had a SHIFT in MY body and mindset.
  129. I always try to see all the GOOD (not bad).
  130. I am focusing on positive aspects.
  131. I have CHANGED MY perception.
  132. I am CLEANING out the old to make room for the NEW.
  133. I am reaching the Zero State by taking 100% responsibility, APOLOGISING for anything going on in ME that I am not aware of, and asking for FORGIVENESS.
  134. I am EMPTYING MY mind and going BACK to Zero.
  135. The Universe works with CIRCLES.
  136. I am working in a CIRCULAR direction.
  137. I am LETTING GO, and going back to ZERO.
  138. I say “I am SORRY” because I feel responsible for what is going on in MY consciousness right now.
  139. I feel very connected.
  140. My life is about CONSTANT cleansing. When I cleanse I get back to Zero, and MY life runs smoothly.
  141. I am wiping MY slate clean.
  142. I clean so that MY nonsense (memories) are dispersed.
  143. Zero is HOME base.
  144. I keep MY cleaning work to myself.
  145. People only need MY Love to change.
  146. Ho’oponopono is a healing and FORGIVENESS methodology and philosophy.
  147. Read person’s name, get clarity and oneness. Express love for the other person:
    “I ask for FORGIVENESS for any wrongdoing, consciously OR unconsciously from the past to the present of MYSELF and MY ancestors, to them and their predecessors, all they way back to the BEGINNING of time and micro-biotic life.”
  148. I say this so that we can all get back to our TRUE relationship IN and OF Divinity.
  149. I drink water BEFORE every meal and CLEAR clutter.
  150. Ho’oponopono has AWAKENED ME to HOW to ERASE the negative elements INSIDE MYSELF that manifest as problematic situations.
  151. By taking 100% RESPONSIBILITY, situations CAN shift.
  152. I am beginning to realize who I am.
  153. There will ALWAYS be stuff coming up. I say that I am 100% responsible (without guilt) and simply clean, let go, and let The Divine take over.
  154. I do not waste time with: How?, When?, Who? – I ONLY do! And by doing so, I get out of the way of MYSELF. I am letting go of the problems INSIDE MYSELF.
  155. I continue WITHOUT any judgment against MYSELF.
  156. I am ACHIEVING an array of results from my Ho’oponopono cleaning.
  157. I hold the errors of the world in MY SOUL (as does everyone).
  158. Reason / intellect causes: Madness, Confusion and Uncertainty.
  159. Memories are PROBLEMS.
  160. I am cleansing and erasing the memories in MY subconscious mind to FIND the Divinity WITHIN MYSELF.
  161. Everyone is ALREADY perfect, the PROBLEMS are the memories.
  162. The PROBLEM is the error memory playing in MY subconscious mind, which I SHARE with other people.
  163. Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono is a PROBLEM SOLVING PROCESS of REPENTENCE, FORGIVENESS and TRASMUTATION that anyone can apply to THEMSELVES. It is process of PETITIONING DIVINITY to convert error memories in our subconscious to Zero.
  164. The conscious mind is CLUELESS – it has NO idea of what is going on.
  165. So I APPEAL to DIVINITY (Who knows all) to convert whatever memories are playing in MY Unihipili (subconscious mind) to Zero.
  166. Expectations and intentions do NOT have any impact on Divinity. Divinity will do WHATEVER and WHENEVER in IT’S own time.
  167. To OPEN the way for the INFLOW of The Divine, requires FIRST canceling memories.
  168. As long as memories (blocks / limitations) are present in MY Subconscious, they BLOCK Divinity from giving ME MY daily Inspiration.
  169. As I clean I get CLOSER to experiencing the bliss of the Zero-Limits state of being.
  170. I ACT upon the ideas that come MY way.
  171. Ideas appear in MY mind, and I act upon them.
  172. It is MORE IMPORTANT to keep cleaning than anything else; - As I do, ideas are GIVEN to ME.
  173. Ceeport = Clean, Erase, Erase, while RETURNING back to Port, “The Zero-State”.
  174. Cleaning is the ONLY way to get QUICKER results.
  175. I am receiving GREATER wealth. – I am keeping my eye on “the baseball” (The Divinity). I must stay FOCUSED on going back to Zero – NO Memories and NO programs.
    ALL I’m here to do is clean.
  176. I LET GO and let Divinity do what’s best for ME.
  177. Intentions are LIMITATIONS. I am cleaning and LETTING GO of them.
  178. I’ll ALWAYS have problems, so I clean, clean, clean.
  179. What are problems?
  180. Problems are memories REPLAYING;
  181. Memories are PROGRAMS;
  182. They’re NOT just mine – they are SHARED;
  183. The way to RELEASE the memory is to SEND LOVE to The Divinity.
  184. Divinity hears and responds in the way BEST for ALL, at the TIME Best for ALL.
  185. I choose but I DON’T decide.
  187. I Clean, Clean, Clean…
  188. I don’t try to sell; - ALL I DO IS CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN.
  189. ALL day I clean. I don’t intend anything and I have NO expectations.
  190. I am TOTALLY responsible for ALL MY life. It is all IN ME, NO exceptions!
  191. I need to clean on it, OR it DOESN’T get cleaned.
  192. IF its in MY experience, its up for ME to clean.
  193. When I CLEAR memories, what comes through is inspiration.
  194. I know that INNNER cleaning leads to OUTER results, and that I CAN’T decide what the OUTER results will be. I CAN choose, But I CAN’T decide.
  195. I’m just here to clean, so that The Divine can INSPIRE ME to DO what I was sent here to DO.
  196. use the Eraser end of a pencil to help CLEAN. It is a PSYCHOLOGICAL TRIGGER to CLEAR memory.
  197. Dunk MY bank account in MY mind in a glass of WATER with FRUIT in it, and see what happens…
  198. People do things for THEM, ALL I have to do is clean.
  199. I have been REMINDED of the way HOME.
  200. MY TRUE SELF is: Incredible, Eternal, Limitless, Total, Complete, Empty, ZERO – FROM WHICH ALL PEACE EMINATES – “HOME”.
  201. Wherever there is a problem, I am there.
  202. I am EXHUMING my HIDDEN memories and judgments for CLEANING and TRANSFORMATION.
  203. Something in ME has CHANGED.
  204. MY memories need great PERSISTANCE and DILLIGENCE to HEAL.
  205. Healing HAS HAPPENED for ME.
  206. With the rubber side of a pencil Tap and Say: “Dew-Drop”
  207. I am DISSOLVING conflict.
  208. The PURPOSE of life is to be RESTORED BACK to LOVE, Moment by Moment.
  209. To FULFILL this purpose, I ACKNOWLEDGE that I am 100% RESPONSIBLE for CREATING MY life the way it IS.
  210. I have come to see that it is MY THOUGHTS that CREATE MY life the way it is, Moment to Moment.
  211. The problems are NOT: People, Places or Situations, BUT rather the THOUGHTS OF THEM.
  212. I have come to appreciate that there is NO out-there!
  213. The QUALITY of MY life has SHIFTED dramatically!
  214. I CONTINUESLY DO the Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono Process of REPENTENCE, FORGIVENESS and TRANSMUTATION for WHATEVER is going on IN ME that I experience consciously OR un-consciously.
  215. I take 100% REPONSIBILITY for MYSELF to clean with the stuff in ME that CAUSED the problems that I experience.
  216. I am PERFECT! – What is imperfect is the memories (CRAP) that REACT and REPLAY as: Judgment, Resentment, Anger, Irritation and the Rest of the BAGGAGE that is carried in MY soul.
  217. People being open is a REFLECTION of ME!
  218. I am CHANGING MY INNER in order to change MY OUTER.
  219. I look WITHIN MYSELF so see what is WITHIN ME that is SHARING the experience that
  220. I see on the OUTSIDE.
  221. I DON’T deal with the person / problem, I deal with the FEELINGS I EXPERIENCE.
  222. AS I clean what is WITHIN ME, they will TOO get CLEAR and HEAL.
  223. I have begun to realize that I AM RESPONSIBLE for what EVERYONE says and does, simply because they are IN MY EXPERIENCE.
  224. IF I create my OWN reality, THEN I created ALL that I see, EVEN the parts that I DON’T like.
  225. It DOESN’T matter what people do; IT MATTERS WHAT I DO!
  226. I CLEAR the SHARED ENERGY by saying to The Divine:
    * I love You
    * I’m sorry
    * Please forgive me
    * Thank you
  227. I DON’T do the healing to get anything! – I do it to CLEAR THE SHARED ENERGY, so that no-one has to experience it EVER again.
  228. Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono is a CLEANSING PROCESS and I NEVER STOP doing it.
  229. IF something comes up in MY awareness, THEN its up for ME to CLEAN and HEAL.
  230. I have to clean EVERTHING that is part of MY life experience.
  231. IF I am the creator of MY OWN experience, then THIS is something I’m RESPONSIBLE for TOO.
  232. The Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono Process is ALL LOVE, it is CONTINUES and I am TOTTALY RESPONSIBLE.
  233. I say these statements to Divinity to clean ME:
    * I love You
    * I’m sorry
    * Please forgive me
    * Thank you
  234. The Divinity is ALREADY showering LOVE on ME at Zero; - But I’m not yet there. By saying:
    * I love You
    * I’m sorry
    * Please forgive me
    * Thank you
    I am CLEANING the programs in ME that are PREVENTING ME from being at The Zero State.
  235. The Divine DOESN’T need ME to do Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono; I need to do it!
  236. The ONLY way to HEAL someone is by CLEANING ME. The people with problems in MY reality are SHARING a program with ME. They COUGHT it like a virus of the mind. THEY ARE NOT TO BLAME!
  237. ALL I can do is clean ME, because as I clean ME, THEY GET CLEAN.
  238. As I clean the programs we SHARE, they get LIFTED from ALL human kind.
  239. ALL I do is clean, clean, clean…
  240. CLEANING is the most heartfelt thing I can do, the REST is up to Divinity.
    I create EVERY situation that’s part of MY reality, and because its part of MY experience, I need to clean it.
  241. AS I HEAL MYSELF, the person with the problem and everyone who SHARES the program will get BETTER.
  242. I know that choice is a LIMITATION. I experience MAGIC and MIRACLES and I feel EXHILIRATED by life.
  244. I am BUBBLING OVER with ENERGY.
  245. I do NOT try to control MY life. I HAVE TO LET GO. ALL I do is CLEAN and ERASE and have the INTENTION to get BACK to Zero.
  246. I have a BOUNCE in MY step.
  247. EVERYTHING I create is a child of ME. – I MUST LOVE ALL MY “CHILDREN”.
  248. In the past I tried to solve problems, BUT today I LET THEM BE. I now clean the memories that CAUSED them.
  249. AS I clean, MY problems get RESOLVED.
  250. I DON’T try to change people, I work on MYSELF.
  251. BEACAUSE I sense and feel other people’s pain – means that I SHARE the SAME PROGRAM, and I have to clean it, and as I do, the problem will come OFF me and them TOO.
    These phrases are like the MAGIC WORDS that OPEN the combination lock of The Universe.
    * I love You
    * I’m sorry
    * Please forgive me
    * Thank you
  253. When I say these phrases, I am OPENING MYSELF UP to The Divine to CLEAN ME and ERASE ALL PROGRAMS (MEMORIES) that are PREVENTING ME from being ME NOW.
  254. There are memories (programs) in the world that people CATCH life a virus.
  255. When someone has it, and I notice it, it means that I have it TOO.
  256. The idea is to take 100% RESPONSIBILITY.
  257. When I clean MYSELF, I clean the memory (program) from EVERYONE.
  258. I have a lot of cleaning to do to get to Zero.
  259. ALL anyone of us wants is to be LOVED!
  261. Because I want to come from LOVE and INSPIRATION.
  262. IF I am CLEAR, when INSPIRATION COMES I just act, I DON’T have to think about it.
  263. When I clean MY memories I DON’T have choice, I JUST have INSPIRATION, and I ACT ON IT WITHOUT THINKING. IT JUST IS!
  264. Everyone has there OWN instrument to play. NO-ONE is the same.
  265. I need to play MY OWN part, and NOT anyone else’s.
  266. ALL I am doing is being MYSELF. – I am playing MY part in the Universe’s script.
  267. When I play MY role, the world WORKS!
  268. I have TOTAL FREE WILL. I am creating AS I am breathing, BUT to live at Zero, I need to LET GO of ALL memories.
  269. MY conscious mind will TRY to UNDERSTAND it all, BUT MY conscious mind is aware of ONLY 15 bits of information, while there are 15 million bits HAPPENING ALL the time.
  270. MY conscious mind DOESN’T have a clue of what’s really going on.
  271. Memories keep money AWAY. IF I am CLEAR about money I WILL have it.
  272. The Universe WILL give ME money IF I ACCEPT it. It is MY memories that keep money from ME, and ME from seeing it.
  273. When I am at Zero I have ZERO limits, and money can NOW come to ME…BUT…When I am in memory, I prevent it.
  274. There are MANY memories around money, and AS I clean them, I clean them for EVERYONE.
  275. When I bring MY cleaner self, the place where I am FEELS it.
  276. I GIVE money freely. – “It’s ONLY money”.
  277. The Universe REWARDS ME for my generosity. I GIVE and the Universe gives ME BACK INPIRATION.
  278. I get back INSPIRATION.
  279. As long as I stay OPEN to ideas from The Universe, they KEEP COMING.
  280. By cleaning and LETTING GO of MY needs, IDEAS come to me.
  281. ALL everybody wants is to be LOVED. I MUST love other people.
  282. I MUST love people because they are PART of MY life, and by loving THEM, I am
  283. HELPING erase, clean and clear the memories activated in THEIR life.
  284. Whatever I perceive as MY problem IS NOT the REAL ISSUE, it is JUST MY conscious INTERPRETATION of events. What is really happening is OUT of MY awareness. MY story is only the STARTING place.
  285. I just KEEP saying “I Love You” to The Divine, TRUSTING that whatever needs to be cleaned WILL be cleaned.
  286. When someone has a SPLIT name, it CREATES a SPLIT personality. Everyone needs to own their birth name.
  287. I am beginning to RELAX and feel WHOLE AGAIN.
  288. Therapists think they are there to HELP or SAVE people. But in reality, their job is to heal THEMSELVES of the programs (memories) they see in their patients.
  289. As these memories get CANCELLED in the therapist, they get CANCELLED in the patient.
  290. It is IMPORTANT that I love the people I am with.
  291. BECAUSE the people that I see are a MIRROR OF ME, and what they EXPERIENCE is SHARED by ME.
  292. By cleaning the SHARED program, we will BOTH get well.
  293. We think that we are conscious actors, BUT we are WRONG! In some respect we are PUPPETS with The Divine as the ENERGY in us PULLING our strings.
  294. I live in a BELIEF driven world. Whatever I believe WILL work. It will get ME through the day, and it will FRAME MY experiences into PERCEPTIONS that make SENSE to ME.
  295. Ho’oponopono and intentions ONLY work when I get OUT of MY OWN way.
  296. MY mind gets in the WAY of the NATURAL FLOW of things.
  297. A mind FULL of memories is the INTERFERENCE to EXPERIENCING the BLISS of this moment.
  298. I use clearing methods to take OUT the INTERFERENCE of The Divine Plan.
  299. MY NUDGES are SENT to ME from The Divine. MY anxiety over it is the interference.
  300. By TAKING AWAY the interference, I’m BACK to being ME with The Divine…i.e.… Puppet and Puppet Master AGAIN.
  301. I came to this world with a Gift WITHIN MYSELF. Once I have REMOVED the interference preventing ME from ACTING on MY GIFT, I will ACT on it.
  302. I will be the puppet of The Divine WHILE being the puppeteer of MY life.
  303. MY ONLY choice is to go WITH the flow.
  304. I TAKE action WHILE OBEYING a Higher Order.
  305. I ACT on ideas WITHOUT interference from MY mind.
  306. I LET the results be what they are, KNOWING and TRUSTING that it IS all part of The Universe’s BIGGER picture.
  308. EVERONE has their GIFT and part to play.
  309. I am NOT resisting MY role.
  310. It’s NOT food that is dangerous; it is what I THINK about it that is.
  311. BEFORE I eat anything, I say in MY MIND to the food: “I Love You”.
  312. The KEY for Dr Hew Len is LOVE EVERYTHING. When I love something, it CHANGES.
  313. Everything BEGINS with THOUGHT, and the great healer is LOVE.
  314. I am taking 100% RESPONSIBILITY for MY life and what I experience.
  315. I know that what I see in others is in ME.
  316. There is NOTHING OUT THERE, it is ALL in ME.
  317. Whatever I experience, I experience INSIDE MYSELF.
  318. I experience people in ME, so they DON’T exist UNLESS I look in MYSELF.
  319. Cleaning is the way HOME.
  320. NO-ONE can PREDICT their next thought, because thoughts themselves ARISE from the UNCONSCIOUS.
  321. I have NO control over MY thoughts, MY ONLY CHOICE is to act (or not) once they appear.
  322. I am cleaning MY unconscious SO I get BETTER thoughts.
  323. I am cleaning in order to CLEAR OUT the STOREHOUSE of programs in MY mind.
  324. As I clean, the thoughts that ARISE get MORE POSSITIVE, PREDICTIVE and LOVING.
  325. By TAKING 100% REPSONSIBILITY and getting to Zero, I REALISE that other people’s memories (programs) are MY programs.
  326. he very fact that people SHARE ideas with ME, means that I SHARE it with them.
  327. AS I get CLEAR of my programs, so will other people.
  328. I am ATTEMPTING to do NON-STOP cleaning and erasing of anything BETWEEN ME and Zero.
  329. I know that WHEN I come from Zero, SYNCRONISITY happens.
  330. By being at Zero, I ALLOW The Divine to INSPIRE ME.
  331. The Divine has ALL the POWER. – NOT ME.
  332. I clean so that I can hear the DIVINE and obey.
  333. NO self-help expert has a clue of what they are doing.
  334. Dr Len’s work has TAUGHT ME to LET GO and TRUST The Divine, while CONSTANTLY cleaning ALL thoughts that surface in the WAY of hearing The Divine.
  335. By CONSTANTLY cleaning, I can CLEAR the weeds of memory SO THAT I can better HANDLE life with EASE and GRACE.
  336. I know The Divine is NOT a concierge. I DON’T ask for things, I JUST clean.
  337. I KEEP cleaning.
  338. I am RESPONSIBLE for EVERYTHING in MY life, and the way to HEAL anything is with the simple:
    * I love You
    * I’m sorry
    * Please forgive me
    * Thank you
  339. I see MYSELF as the SOURCE of MY experiences.
  340. “I am SORRY for whatever is going on IN ME, that I experienced this.”
  341. Dr Hew Len’s THEME is that NOTHING is OUTSIDE of us.
  342. I am 100% responsible.
  343. I ask for FORGIVENESS for whatever is in ME that is CAUSING the outer circumstance.
  344. I am RECONNECTING to The Divine by saying:
    * I love You
    * I’m sorry
    * Please forgive me
    * Thank you
  345. The rest is to TRUST The Divine because AS I HEAL, so does the outer.
  347. I know the REAL source of POWER is INSIRATION.
  348. I am AGREEING to life, NOT contradicting it.
  349. I am GOING WITH THE FLOW, while CONSTNTLY cleaning whatever comes up.
  350. I am LETTING GO, and LETTING The Divine operate THROUGH ME.
  351. By cleaning, I see a complete CHANGE for the BETTER.
  352. I am cleaning MY own toxic thoughts and REPLACING them with LOVE.
  353. There IS NOTHING wrong with people… The ONLY thing wrong are MY error memories.
  355. The Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono Process involves taking 100% RESPONSIBILITY for MYSELF, and ALLOWING the REMOVAL of negative and unwanted energies in ME.
  356. I am at ease and ENJOYING MYSELF.
  357. I LAUGH A LOT, have FUN and ENJOY what I am doing.
  358. Things have begun to SHIFT for ME.
  360. I clean whatever is going on in ME.
  361. I help people by working on MYSELF.
  362. I CONTINUESLY clean, and TAKE ACTION on the IDEAS and OPPORTUNITIES that come MY way.
  363. I know that wherever I will be in the FUTURE, will be FAR BETTER than what I can IMAGINE now.
  364. I am MORE INTERESTED in THIS moment than the next one.
  365. AS I pay attention to THIS moment, all the future ones unfold QUITE NICELY.
  366. When I LET GO of MY ego and its desires, I ALLOW The Divine to GUIDE ME.
  368. I know that when I SURRENDER control to a Higher Power, MIRACALES tend to happen.
  369. I am beginning to LET GO and TRUST.
  370. I am beginning to practice MY CONNECTION with The Divine.
  371. I am learning to RECOGNISE INSPIRATION when it comes, and I ACT on it.
  372. I realize that I have choice, BUT I am NOT in control of MY mind.
  373. I know that the greatest thing I can do is AGREE to each moment.
  374. In this stage, MIRRACLES HAPPEN, and as they do, they constantly ASTONISH me.
  375. Once an AWAKENING takes place, there’s NO looking back.
  376. ALL I can do is KEEP cleaning to EXPERIENCE the BLISS of THIS moment.
  377. We will always have problems, and Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono is a Process that WORKS to SOLVE them.
  378. As long as I keep cleaning, I RETURN to the place of Zero Limits.
  379. I am tuning into LOVE by saying NON-STOP:
    * I love You
    * I’m sorry
    * Please forgive me
    * Thank you
  380. AS I keep cleaning, I keep tuning into PURE INSPIRATION.
  381. AS I ACT on inspiration, better MIRACLES than I could have ever imagined take place.
  382. ALL I HAVE TO DO IS KEEP AT IT, as Ho’oponopono TAKES TIME.


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