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Ho'oponopono: How did we do?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The feedback we received on this project gave it a 100% thumbs up.


This is what we had to say about the project in response to the question of how the project impacted our lives, and did we feel a measurable benefit:
  • My finances are doing surprisingly well. I've had unexpected income, and found money, and other help from family and friends.
  • For me, the best part of the project has been how much better I feel emotionally, and how much growth I've had spiritually.
  • My life is humming along. There have been a number of health challenges in my family this month... so that has been somewhat stressful, but I'm just doing the "love - thank you" thing, and whatever else I can think of that's helpful, and it hasn't been nearly as stressful as it might have been otherwise.
  • It's an interestingly uplifting feeling to take the responsibility for creating your own environment, and the meetings you have with other people, and what problems arise.
  • This is such a good way to remember that love feeling, and I think any good practice that accomplishes that for me is worth doing all the time as part of my life.
  • This flows easily for me. Actually, my finances are fine, and not really any different than they were. There seems to always be the right amount for whatever comes up that we need.
  • I found this project to be deeply moving and satisfying on so many levels, I am having difficulty finding the true words.
  • There has been no "extra" money but no lack for what was needed.
  • I've definitely noticed a difference in diffusing negative energy. When I'm starting to feel irritated or upset, if I stop and practice, "I'm sorry, please forgive me, I love you and thank you". It truly DOES change my emotional state instantly.
  • Each time I put it to use, it worked! I had several big cans of worms open up during the month that seemingly miraculously worked themselves out and that was very exciting!!!
  • My finances are the same if not better than the month prior, and like I said, several huge problems "took care of themselves" by me using this and without the normal ritual of hair pulling and stressing.

In answer to the question as to how easy it was to "work" or "do" Ho'oponopono every day, the responses varied.

  • I did "work" the project every day - if I remembered. Key word being "if".
  • For me, it was much harder at the beginning than it was at the end. I think I needed to find a rhythm and a way that resonated best with me.
  • I found that this was one of the easier projects for me to do on a daily basis... even though I was sick through much of it, I was still doing it.
  • I found it difficult at the beginning, found my rythmn, my words that were true for me, and then it became not easy but meaningful.
  • I did have trouble remembering to work it on a daily basis.
  • I am disappointed in myself for not logging on daily and committing myself more to the project because I did see that it worked very well with very little effort.

Here's what we had to say about whether or not we would recommend this project to others:

  • Yes, I would recommend this technique, and I will continue with the practice.
  • I would definitely recommend this project to other people. I really think it helps to recognize that in the fabric of the universe, the threads of where we cross with other people make us stronger as a whole.
  • I really feel an amazing shift in my conciousness from this project and would recommend it to anyone who would care to listen.
  • I will definitly continue using it in my daily life.
  • I definitely recommend this form of consciousness and plan to keep it as a part of my life.

Our suggestions, ideas, and other thoughts on the process and the project was as follows:

  • What I found works best (for me) is to simply allow myself to feel love for whoever or whatever the situation... and then simply say "Thank you".
  • I did get really tired apologizing for everything and when I dispensed with that and went for the "thank you" it "felt" better.
  • After awhile I also gave up the "I'm sorry" unless it felt right at the moment for a particular person, moment, thing.
  • I have to agree, it felt a little forced to apologize to people and situations that I felt were clearly being antagonistic..I guess I need practice in NOT seeing those things as negative, but as lessons and be grateful. Sigh. It's tough trying to undo years of programmed thinking!!!
  • The one thing I had trouble remembering was the order in which to say it - "I love you, I'm sorry" - it often came out "I'm sorry I love you", which is funny but not terribly productive, lol.

I also want to say that I am deeply grateful and appreciative to everyone who worked this project with me, and to those who just popped in every now and then as well.

Thank you, I love you.


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