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The Giving Game

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I found something that I think is really cool and might be a great way to work this month's project. It's called the Giving Game. The Giving Game is based on the concept of Pay It Forward. It involves acts of kindness, a game card (which you can print yourself for free) and the Giving Game website.

It's free to play, I couldn't find any hidden loopholes or money traps, and the concept sounds really interesting. Here are some direct links:

Here is a partial listing of their ideas on giving:

  • Leave your newspaper at a coffee shop for someone else to read
  • Cut an elderly person's grass at no charge
  • Donate money or books to a local library
  • Offer to baby sit for a mother who needs a day away from the kids. Give her money to buy her lunch while she is out
  • Drop off a bag of groceries with a friend who has been recently laid off
  • Leave a $20 tip for an $8 dollar meal
  • Scrape a stranger's windshield on a snowy day
  • Put money in a parking meter by a stranger's car when you see the time running out
  • Send someone a tape or CD of music they will enjoy
  • Send money to someone who is experiencing financial difficulties

Most of these ideas fall into the category of Random Acts of Kindness, a project that we worked a while back. What makes this different, is that you can track your generosity online and watch the ripple effect. So, how about it guys, should we Sign Up to Play Now?


Anonymous said...

I signed up. I think we should do this as a group! It would be fun.

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