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Is it even possible?

Monday, January 18, 2010

My friend, Michelle, loves Avatar, the movie that I watched as "homework" for the Project. Her big thing with the movie was that she really wants to "go there" to BE on that planet, to grow up as one of "the people." She loved the idea of going to sleep in one place and waking up in another more alive, more vibrant, more beautiful place in a stronger, better body. I think that if she could figure out how to be "magically" transported right into the movie, (with her children), she'd do it in a heartbeat.

So right away, she's feeling disappointed with her "real" life because it can't ever be that. For one thing, she's not a giant blue person with a tail. I know the feeling. It's how I felt initially when I decided that I wanted to "be" Aragorn even though I'm not a man, not a son of Numenor, not descended from kings, and if an Ork attacked me I'd be dead in probably less than 3 seconds flat unlike Aragorn who could probably kill it without even getting out of breath. From a purely logical point of view, it isn't realistic and doesn't seem possible.

I think the real question is, OK.. so how do we reconcile the differences between movie life and real life, between "fantasy" and "reality." How do we bridge the gap between what we wish our lives could be and what our lives are right now this moment. And where does "being realistic" fit into that equation?

One thing I thought of was how easy it is to play the "can't" card. For example: If one of my great fantasies is to have a 1000 year old oak tree in my front yard, it might be tempting to say... well... I can't because... and then start listing all the reasons why something like that couldn't possibly happen. Can you imagine what the root system would look like? It would take an act of God, a massive expenditure of money, and a giant machine... and even then... it might not survive. And do oak trees really live that long anyway?

However, if I think in terms of what I might actually be able to do, I have a number of options:
  1. Plant an acorn - at least it's a start.
  2. Buy a young oak tree - again, it's a start.
  3. Save for a house with an ancient oaks already growing in the front yard - not a bad idea.
  4. Visit an oak forest and look for the oldest tree - at least that way, I'll know one when I see one.
  5. Create a photo album of old old oak trees - keeping the dream alive.
  6. Put an ad in the local paper that you'd like to purchase one - who knows what might happen?
  7. Find out if an ancient oak tree is available as a bonsai - it'd probably be over the top expensive, but how could it hurt to check that idea out? And at least it'd be smaller.
  8. Create and dedicate a space in your front yard for the tree so that you'll be ready for it when it arrives - now that's positive thinking.
  9. Invoke the spirit of a 1000 year old oak tree - might be a cool and interesting thing to do.
  10. Designate a spot in the front yard for the tree and then act as if it really is there, rake the "leaves" in the fall, pick up fallen "branches" after a storm, admire it in the spring, and enjoy the "shade" in the summer - yes... sounds pretty wierd... but hey, you'd have a "virtual" tree which is better than no tree at all.
My point is that just because something seems fantastic, unrealistic, or impossible, it doesn't mean you can't take steps to pursue it anyway. And who knows what might happen? You might embark on a journey that takes you places and introduces you to people you never imagined! It might even be the best thing you ever did for yourself!

So... what is it that you'd like to bring to your life? Is it a character? A place? A situation? Skills, talents, abilities? What are you telling yourself? Are you playing the "can't" card? Or are you ready to get started on your list of possibilites?


sanehat said...

Unfortunately I think I am using more of the "can't" card than the can list. And even worse it is the same card all the time, the "I don't have the money card". So I am trying to think of a can list and then I could maybe actually DO SOMETHING other than whine about no money.

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