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What is so appealing?

Friday, January 08, 2010

I'm still exploring those four questions from the other day, and mulling over what is so appealing about the character I'd most want to be... I guess for starters:

  • He's beautiful
  • Heroic
  • Charismatic
  • Courageous
  • Kind
  • Vulnerable and strong at the same time
  • You can absolutely count on him when the chips are down
  • He doesn't give up
  • He will not hesitate to make the tough choice
  • He doesn't second guess his decisions
  • There is a thoughtfulness, a sense of every action being well considered
  • He puts 100% of himself into what he does
  • There is a strength in him that goes beyond the physical
I love this guy! If I was in a tough spot, I'd want him with me, and I'd absolutely follow him ... I dunno ... to the gates of Mordor even.

And I say this, but is it really true? Is the real truth that I'm scared to death of this guy because he would pull me out of my comfort zone, my safe little hidey hole? Is it because "being" him would really shake up my life, and give me responsibilities that I'm not at all sure I'm up to, or capable of handling? I'd probably have to give up the whole wiffle/waffle constantly second guessing myself thing that keeps me safely ensconced under my rock!

What about you? Have you been thinking about who you would want to be? What are the characteristics of that character? What is it that is so appealing to you? Any thoughts? ideas? insights? Aha moments?


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