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What if?

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Our first question from yesterday's list:
What if the Lord of the Rings was actually true and you were in it?

Interestingly, in my mind, I remembered this question differently. I thought it was, "What if your life was actually an epic fantasy movie?" And that's the question I've been finding answers to all morning. And now, I log on, and find out that I asked a completely different question.... So, I'm going to give two answers.

If the Lord of the Rings was actually true and I was in it, my life would be .... well ..... I guess that would depend who I was and where I lived. If I was a hobbit in the shire, life would be as it always was, and that's what I would want. If I was an Orc... I'd be hungry, angry, and miserable all the time. Suffering no pain, and yet clearly suffering nonetheless. Possibly, I'd be an Ent, although it'd be really cool to be an elf, or a wizard... This question can't be answered without the "who" question that follows it.

The better question, and the one I'm interested in answering today is, the one about "what if my life was actually an epic fantasy... like a movie or a grand work of fiction." I had never actually asked myself that question before. I've danced around it, but never really answered it until today.

The first thing to strike me is that I have this idea life would be more colorful, more interesting, more lively, and there would be art, and magic, and impossibilities that suddenly became possible. I'd be able to talk to birds, and faeries, and call down the moon... It would be so rich with meaning and experience. Wow! Just talking about it makes me want it even more.

And I'm wondering why it is that my life in the now seems so drab, dull, listless, and stuck? Is that because it's the truth? Because that's my true reality? Or is there another reason? Is it possible that my life could be colorful, interesting, lively, and that there could be art, magic, and impossibilities... and maybe I really could talk to birds, faeries, and call down the moon. And what if my life in the here and now really already is rich with meaning and experience and I'm just not seeing it because ... hmmm....

There is some knowing in me that whispers, the truth of it... my life already is that, or at the very least has the potential to be that, and I'm just not seeing it, or living it, or "doing" it. But why? And that's the kicker, isn't it? The sooner I get to why, the closer I'll be to figuring out how to unlock the ability to experience the epic fantasy adventure that life on earth might really be.

In the mean time, I was wondering what I could actually do to make my life more colorful, magical, lively, meaningful... etc... Surely there must be something! And I came up with this list:
  • Recolor the inside of my home so that it is filled with deep rich color. Don't stop until there isn't a drab or ordinary object or surface to be found... anywhere!
  • Spend more time doing magick, and less time talking about doing it.
  • Every time I find myself outside, I could take the time to actually listen to the trees, and feel the earth below me and the stars above, to smell the wind, and allow my energy to flow out through the bottoms of my feet, and up through the crown of my head, and connect myself fully with the all that is... yes! Why should I ever be in such a hurry, or so distracted and confused, that there wouldn't be time to do just that?
There, that's a start on what may turn out to be a pretty long list. There are even a couple of things on that list that I could do right now, and I'm going to do them.

So, what about you? What are your answers to this "what if"? What are your insights and thoughts about it? I'd love to hear your ideas, and if you make a list, I'd love it if you'd share at least some of it here.


sanehat said...

Well I think if I was a character in Lord of the Rings, I am Sam. Not only am I Sam I want to be Sam. Which is what I deceided after this years viewing. Sam is a caretaker, he is a gardener, he is there for those he loves. He fulfills his mission, he stays with Frodo to the end, he makes it possible for the ring to be destroyed and at the end he ends up with all that I would wish, love, home and garden.

Karla said...

I thought about the "what if" and the thing I would enjoy most about being a part of an epic fantasy is that I would never have to pull out my wallet. Granted, I may have a wee velvet bag with a few remarkable gold coins, but they are purely for some magical purpose and needn't be spent for food or the sewer bill. Imagine being able to go through an adventure without concerning yourself with the cost! For 2010 I vow to dream without $ limitation!!

Anonymous said...

No, hurry just be....
I want to feel nice, good, pleasant, and I think lots of people do.

So I simply let go and do what I can.

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