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Confidence Building Technique

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

This Technique helps you to get back your lost internal self confidence. You can turn back to this method whenever you require the power and self-confidence. The successful people in this world have one thing in common - tremendous power and self confidence. They have the capacity to convert their thoughts to action through their power and self confidence.

What is Power?

From the many meanings that can be given to the word, one of them is the person's ability to convert thoughts to action. Through this exercise you will be able to generate a solid power within you that will help you to use all the knowledge lying inside you.

Confidence Building Technique

  • You have to create a circle of confidence in front of you. Stand up straight on your feet and imagine the existence of a powerful circle in front of you. Stand firm and tall.

  • Focus on your inhalation and exhalation of breath. Imagine a liquid inside that circle in front of your body to be of any color of your choice. Recall any past incident of your life when you felt powerful and confident.

  • Just imagining this powerful and confident state will develop tremendous power and self confidence within your body. Slowly this state of power and self-confidence will increase in its intensity and you will strongly feel the increase.

  • A time will come when this state of tremendous power and self-confidence will reach its PEAK. When it reaches the peak, immediately close your fists and hit a punch in air. Shout in the loudest tone "YES".

  • Take a step ahead and come in the imagined circle. Once you are in the circle imagine that the colored liquid filled with confidence in entering your whole body. This liquid is increasing your power and confidence tremendously. You will have a totally new and "charged-up" experience. You can repeat if needed. Count 1,2, and 3 and then slowly open your eyes.

  • If you practice this technique two or three times a day for 21 days continuously then you will surely experience tremendous boost in your power and self-confidence.

  • Once you have practiced the technique enough, just close your eyes, remember a past incident where you felt powerful and self confident and which bring power in you. just when you remember that incident, shout "YES" loudly



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