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Successful Self-Hypnosis

Friday, July 02, 2010

Here we have a nice little article detailing the five steps to successful self-hypnosis.


In this step you need to consider what you want vs. what you don’t want and you need to be able to distinguish between the form and the essence.

Instead on focusing on what you don’t want, it’s important to focus on WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE to experience instead, because your subconscious mind says “YES” to whatever you focus upon. If you don’t want illness focus on perfect health, if you don’t want lack, focus on abundance, if you don’t want to experience stress, focus on experiencing peace, etc.

Regardless of what physical conditions we may desire to change, ultimately they are all about one thing – we want them in order to feel good about ourselves, in order to feel better in some way.

It is helpful to know what feeling will the desired change bring you, because subconscious mind is the realm of emotions. As you think about your life, you may discover that there are moments, however brief they may be, when you are free from the problem that may be perplexing you; moments when you are free from the pain, stress, lack, loneliness, etc., moments which may be fleeting, but nevertheless provide you with a taste of desired experience.

It is important to recall those good feelings in your self-hypnosis session because the more you focus on such feelings during self-hypnosis, the deeper will you impress the desired outcome upon your subconscious mind and the faster will you experience desired changes in your outer world.


Once you know what you want, imagine and FEEL that you already have it. Engage as many of your senses as you can and while in a in a state of hypnosis, vividly imagine yourself experiencing and enjoying the desired state, thing, circumstances.

Going back in time and re-living your life, in your mind, as if the desired condition, circumstance, feeling, or ability was always part of your life, will impress it even deeper in your subconscious mind. It will feel natural to you, as if it were a part of you your entire life.

For example, if you have challenging health problem, using the above process, you can completely erase it as if it never were. By re-living your life as if you always enjoyed perfect health, you will change the pattern in your subconscious mind and your body will automatically express it.

It is good to remember that your subconscious mind does not distinguish between what is outside of you, what you may interpret as “real” - and what you experience only in the realm of your mind. The subconscious mind concludes that something is REAL, if it FEELS REAL to YOU … NOW.

The whole point of the “depth” of hypnosis is to allow you to put your conscious mind and the awareness of the outer world aside, long enough in order to fully experience your desired outcome as REAL for you NOW.


Successful self-hypnosis is like planting seeds. The outcomes you desire to create using the power of your mind are seeds.

In order for a seed to grow, it needs to be planted in a fertile soil. Your subconscious mind will be a fertile soil if your inner motivations, beliefs and expectations fully support the realization of your outcome.

Until they are strong enough, seeds grow in the silence of the earth, and so will the work you do with self-hypnosis be most successful if you remain silent about it until it is strong enough to see the light of the day.

Seeds will grow best if they are nourished with regular tender loving care, and so you too need to feed the seed of your outcome with daily dose of love, imagining and feeling that you already have it now.

And, perhaps the most important point is that you must remove any weeds. Weeds are those feelings of doubt, fear, anxiety and impatience that can completely kill the realization of your desired outcome.

I have mentioned earlier that your subconscious mind says “YES” to everything you imagine and feel. When you indulge in feelings of doubt and fear, you are in effect programming your subconscious mind to manifest for you that which you fear. If you have two conflicting emotions associated with one outcome, your subconscious will manifest for you whichever one is predominant, whichever one feels more real and convincing to you.


In order for subconscious mind to begin working on the outcome we have programmed into it, we have to let go of it consciously, and let it take over.

All of us have this experience when we go to sleep, even if we are perplexed with problems, ultimately out of sheer exhaustion we let go for the day and trust that we’ll wake up in the morning.

Going back to the metaphor of planting seeds, when a farmer plants seeds. he doesn’t unearth them to check whether they are growing. He plants lots of them and trust that they will grow. He trusts in the intelligence and power inherent in the seed and in the nature that will make the seed sprout and grow to full stature, if he takes care of it. It works the same way with self-hypnosis.

And just as the farmer trusts in the power of nature, power that is not his own, so it is helpful in self-hypnosis to trust in the intelligence and power that is greater than ourselves, the same power and intelligence that takes care of the million different processes in our bodies, the same power and intelligence that takes care of million different processes that occur in nature, the same power and intelligence that created our bodies and life in all different forms on this planet and all across the universe, the same power and intelligence that animates our bodies.

Turning this power and intelligence into your closest friend, deepening your conscious awareness of it – after all it is the very life of your beings – will tremendously contribute to your success with self-hypnosis. It will be much easier to completely trust the presence you can feel in your life, than some abstract idea. This power and intelligence is not somewhere out there or up in the sky – it is in your every breath, it takes care of your body, it supplies energy for your mind to think, for your body to move and it can and knows how to bring about any of your heartfelt desires.

One of the easiest and fastest ways for speedy manifestation of your self-hypnosis outcomes is by expressing gratitude to this infinite power and intelligence for manifesting your desires for you now. When you express gratitude, you acknowledge that you have already received what you asked for. Feeling of gratitude will also help you to weed out any remaining doubts, fears and anxieties.


Sometimes what you ask for may come into your life in a slightly different form than what you envisioned. It is important to notice and acknowledge that what you asked for has in some form manifested for you.

As you acknowledge that you have actually produced some result, you will condition your subconscious mind for greater and greater success and each of your new goals will be easier and easier to accomplish.

Sometimes what you ask for may be even better than what you asked for.

Sometimes what you ask for may be a far cry from what you wanted. It may be just a signal that what you asked for is on its way. Now is not the time to give up, but to keep on thanking that what you desire or even something better is on its way.

You may also want to re-examine your beliefs, doubts, fears, or inner motivations and discover if any of them need to be adjusted.

Remember that your outer-world experiences only reflect what’s in your mind, so if you don’t like what you’re experiencing, all you need to do is change your mind about it. If you expect only the best in life, and keep on thanking your mind and the universe , for giving you the best, in joyful expectation of these experiences – your outer-world experiences will eventually reflect it.

Acknowledge that everything that happens in your life is forever moving you toward the realization of your highest goals.

Author: Dr. Laura De Giorgio, Ph.D.


Shirley Twofeathers said...

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm really digging on that graphic... love the swinging pendulum!

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