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How To Control People With Your Mind

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Do you ever wish you could just control other people for awhile … just long enough to get a raise, get promoted, make a sale, let them get to know you, or just get ahead?

Conversational hypnosis is one way to do exactly that; you can literally control other people with your mind. Conversational hypnosis is a set of people tools that lets you read a person, identify how they think, instantly create rapport, and actually command their subconscious mind to do what you want them to do.

Conversational hypnosis is not like regular hypnosis where you put the subject into a trance with their cooperation; instead, it’s done while the subject is fully awake, interactive, and unaware that you are side-stepping their conscious mind with subtle commands while you are also carrying on a normal conversation.

Many salespeople, writers, other business people use these techniques; some know what they are doing while others do several conversational hypnosis techniques naturally. Rather than dwelling on how to do covert conversational hypnosis, this article focuses on how to control people with your mind using normal overt techniques.

These overt techniques can be used for your advantage and simultaneously you will become sensitized and aware of when the techniques are used on you.

* Select image words in your discussion and writing. Image words are words or phrases that immediately create a picture in the mind’s eye.

* Notice how the subject sits, stands, moves, what he does with his hands, etc., and do the same basic things. Don’t be obvious; don’t do the exact same thing at the same time. The subject will subconsciously identify with your mimicking and think you are “one of us”.

* When you want someone to do something for you or agree with you, approach them just after they have already completed something requiring heavy, intense thought or concentration. People tend to be more agreeable and submissive at these times.

* Create a feeling of scarcity. In other words, indicate this deal, offer, or opportunity will expire, may no longer be available, etc. Even when people are used to this tactic, they still think in the back of their mind, “Maybe this time I really will miss out.”

* Do something for (or give something to) the subject “without obligation.” When you do something or give something to someone, most people tend to feel like they should reciprocate and do what you want in return.

* Offer the subject a warm drink. As they hold the warm drink and converse with you, they will tend to project the warmness in their hands to you … thinking of you as a warm, open, amiable person.

* Begin your conversations with questions that generate a “yes” response to get them into an agreeable disposition.

* Touch the subject by shaking hands, patting on the shoulder, nudging with your shoulder, … whatever is appropriate to the situation. This initiates the subconscious desire to bond and relate to others.

These are just a handful of techniques you can use to control other people with your mind. Conversational hypnosis includes many more techniques not only to control other people with your mind, but also to read and covertly inspire and command people as well.

Written by Dr. Bryan Stoker


Anonymous said...

Can you write about how can we control people not this bullshit and you call yourself a doctor. Doctor my fucking ass to me you are dr. Bullshit now do me a favor write what I about what I just fucking told you to write. -purpleman

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