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Create Self Hypnosis Scripts - 6 Simple Tips

Friday, July 16, 2010

Self-hypnosis is so easy to learn and if used correctly superbly effective. There are numerous ways to hypnotize yourself and you have probably done so without even realising it.

The following method is a six-step visualisation process. Using this process,  you will be able to create a simple script that includes all of the following six criteria.

Self Hypnosis Scripts – Six Essential criteria

1 • Make it Simple

Make sure you create a simple script that is easy to remember whilst in hypnosis. Short simple sentences are the most effective. When writing your script, try to imagine that you are writing for a four-year-old child. This will help you to keep it simple.

2 • Make it Believable

Your script must feel as though the goal you have chosen is attainable. You must really believe that you can actually achieve the goal- whether it be losing weight, stop smoking, dealing with a fear or phobia etc.

3 • Make it Measurable

Your goal needs to be stated in specific, measurable terms. The more detail you can place into a suggestion, the more attainable it will actually feel. If your goal relates to something that can be measured by time periods, ounces, pounds, miles, or some other specific identifier break it down to those specific measurements. An example might be " every weekday morning at 7.00am, I am running two miles on my treadmill.

4 • Make it Positive and Pleasurable

Human nature responds to the positive and pleasurable. Do not place negative suggestions within your scripts – instead accentuate the positive. Avoid negative statements, scare tactics or threats e.g. "eating cakes taste like lard and will cause a heart attack."  Instead try to make your suggestions really positive – "every day I love eating healthy, nutritious foods".  With really positive statements, you will notice an enormous difference in your motivation to achieve your goals as well as your actual success in doing so.

5 • Make Suggestions in the Present Tense

Always make suggestions in the present tense. Present tense statements carry action with them. You can actually visualise yourself engaged in the desired action. Focus directly on what you do want, rather than what you don't. Using the present tense assists greatly in imagining and visualising your goal and makes achieving it much more likely.

6 • Make Sure Suggestions Carry a Reward

Ensure that every suggestion carries a reward with it – something that you can reward yourself with once you have accomplished the task. The subconscious is like a four-year-old child – and four year old children like positive interaction and rewards! Your subconscious works in very much the same way – if you give yourself a reward, you will be far more likely to work towards a goal.

Putting Yourself Under:
  • Find a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed, close your eyes and take five deep breaths.
  • Once your eyes are closed, and you feel totally relaxed, recite your script repeatedly. It is important that your script is one that is easy to visualise or imagine within your mind.
  • Use as many of your imaginative faculties to really bring the script alive in your mind.
  • Replay the script several times in your mind, for approximately five minutes, after which you will come back out of hypnosis, by counting up to five and then opening your eyes.


Self Hypnosis Techniques said...

And remember if you are going to try hypnosis its vital that you keep a positive open mind to the subject, research shows better response to hypnosis when you do!

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