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Giving Your Self Approval

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Along with control and survival, approval is one of the three basic human wants that keep us entrapped as the ego.

It's astonishing how far people will go for approval. The multi-billion dollar cosmetic industry is just one example. The clothing industry is another. The list goes on and on.

People pattern their behavior based on what they think will get approval. And yes it's common to subject ourselves to control to get approval.

The amazing thing is that it's incredibly effective to give ourselves approval. There's no need to seek it anywhere else.

This is amazingly powerful stuff.



Karla said...

I really liked the IDEA behind this one but when he said "give yourself approval", I didn't know what to do or think. And there wasn't enough time between his words to come up with something to approve or a visual or a phrase. So it was like someone handing you a gift and saying, "open your present", then before you could open it they snatched it away and gave you another and said, "open your present", and again and again.

Help me out here. What did other people come up with when he said, "give yourself approval"? Do you think there is a SCIENCE behind the timing of words? I mean, do you suppose it's SUPPOSED to be like this so your purposely don't have time to think deeply about approval? Is it simply the WORD approval that is the trigger?

Shirley Twofeathers said...

What I felt was - well - I wasn't "under" when he started in - like we started in the middle of something - he didn't spend enough time putting me under, getting me relaxed and receptive - and the music was driving me nuts!! I really didn't like the music.

The words were great - it was a good script I think - and maybe if I simply played it over and over again I could get over my resistance to the music and actually start accepting the words.

I dunno -

And yes, Karla I think there's something about his timing and not thinking too much, simply doing it - the problem is that he didn't get us actually hypnotized first.

And here's something else interesting, it made me sneeze.. and sneeze... and sneeze... and sneeze... like I'm allergic to self approval or something!!

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