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Change your thinking - Change your life

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Today we begin a 30 day project to change our thinking. The idea being, that if you can change your thinking, you will change your life. The idea or concept that you attract what you think about is not something new. Napolean Hill wrote the classic "Think and Grow Rich" back in the early 1900's, and it wasn't new then.

We've done a few projects here - The Million Dollar Experiment, the 30 day Mastermind, and Creative Visualization - we have used visualizations and affirmations quite often in many of our projects. But we haven't taken a look at the tapes that run continually in the back of our minds, those subconscious belief systems that act as silent sabateurs.

It is my belief that we are surrounded by a field of all possibilities, everything is possible. What we see and what we experience, how we perceive the world is the result of our internal filters. I'm sure you've all heard the little story about the glass of water - how one person sees it has half empty, and another person sees it as half full... and to someone dying of thirst in the desert - it can be seen as an astonishing miracle that gives life... alternatively, you can drown in a teaspoon of water... that half empty glass could water a plant... wash off a cut... or ruin a book...

If I have it in my mind that water is an elixir of life - that it has magical properties - I would be right. If I have it in my mind that water is common and ordinary and nothing to write home about - I would still be right. There was a time when people believed that bathing would make you ill. People bathed when they were born, got married, and once again when they died. If I had that belief system now - well - I might wonder why I didn't have any friends! Alternatively, there are people who get stuck in a loop of constant hand washing and bathing... they can't get clean enough...

So what's my point? My point is, that the water itself has not changed - it's the perception of the water that creates the differing experiences with it. The same holds true for our perceptions of money, employment, abundance, prosperity, receiving, and giving. Just like in the image below, our experience changes with our perspective.


What I'd like to do for the next 30 days is to explore our hidden ideas about money and and how we get it - so that we can discover and recreate our experience.

I've organized the project so that it's really really simple to do. Every day I'll be posting an incomplete sentence. What I want you to do is to finish that sentence with the very first word (or words) that pop into your mind. No editing!

Now, take look at how you finished the sentence. Is it really true? Do you want it to be true? Take some time to rewrite the sentence. It's important that the sentence be rewritten in such a way that it really resonates, it needs to be something that you really do believe, it has to be true for you.

Once you've created an alternative sentence, begin to incorporate it into your life. Whenever that particular subject comes up, gently substitute your new idea.

Here's an example:

Money is _____________.

What was the first thing that popped into your mind when you looked at that sentence? The first thing that popped into my mind the first time I did this was "Money is hard to get." Whoa! No wonder I have such a hard time getting money!!

So, I thought about it for a while and what I came up with was this: "Money is fun to get!" Yes, that's absolutely true. It's fun to get money! Now, whenever the word "money" comes up in conversation, or in my mind, I make it a point to remember that "Money is fun to get!"

When I popped this question to a friend of mine, his answer was: "Money is power!" Is that really true? I wonder... Does that mean that if you don't have money you are powerless? If money is power, and your employer gives you money, does that mean that your employer empowers you? does that mean that when you pay your electric bill you are releasing your power? Lots to think about there!

I also threw this question out at work, and my employer said: "Money is easy." Hey! I like that one.

So, here we go with our first question:

My money is __________ !


Shirley Twofeathers said...

Ok... this is funny! Money (in general) is fun to get! Sure, that's true... but my money??

My money is hiding under the bed!!!

What does that mean anyway??? I'm working on a new place for my money to hide... like... say for example...

My money hides in my purse and then pops up whenever I need it!


My money is very well trained, it always comes when I call for it.

hmmm... those sound good, but they don't FEEL true...

My money is MINE MINE MINE! And nobody else can have it.. ever!!!

Oh my!

My money likes to hide in my pockets so that it can be there when I need it.

I like that one the best - and it looks like I've got some work to do here, huh?

Anonymous said...

"MONEY IS INVISIBLE". Don't ask me where that one came from. Perhaps it's the feeling that I'm grasping at something that appears to be dangling in front of my face and yet when I look in my hands there is nothing in them.

But then next one, 'MY MONEY IS FOR EVERYONE". Hmmm. A little different than yours Shirley. I think I like yours better because my thought is often that my money is for everyone BUT me. Could we compromise?

'MONEY IS A PAIN IN THE ASS" came to mind. Please pardon my French. Having to earn it, find it, keep it, save it, pay for dumb things with it, then get taxed on it...I feel like moving to commune, living naked and growing my own food. If only I wouldn't miss Starbuk's so much. Ha ha ha.......

Yep, I need to change my way of thinking..I want money to be fun now! Do you suppose it's easier to convince your mind that soemthing is fun when you HAVE it? My brain might say, "Ice cream is not really that great. I really don't need ice cream. Ice cream may make me fatter" when the ice cream is in the freezer. But put it in a bowl and hand it to me and , "Wow! Ice cream is such a special treat! Isn't this wonderful? Oh my gosh I love this kind!" What if my brain is working to CONVINCE me that money isn't ALL THAT because I know I have none? And no, it's not in the freezer, I looked.

Grace said...

This is going to be a very interesting project! I have noticed this thought about money - Money is tight! So I'm turning this around to the truer statement - I am tight! Well no kidding! Money is so impartial it couldn't be "tight". Money IS. My relationship to money is loose or tight, fearful or happy, angry or delighted. Now when I think "money is..." I can stop right there and ask myself how I am relating to money at the moment.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

I had another thought about the
"My money is hiding under the bed." statement... I started to wonder why my money was hiding... was it from me? or from my creditors? I think it must be hiding from my creditors... like they are bad guy monsters or something... How interesting this is!!!

And Karla, yes, money is fun to get - but then I want to KEEP it - HOARD it - HIDE it - NEVER EVER share it - it's mine mine MINE!!!

And Grace - YES this will be interesting... I think we could do 30 days on this first statement alone!!

If I changed the sentence to read "My relationship with money is ____" then I'd have to say, "My relationship with money is codependent and crazy!"

How fun... I'll let you guys know when I get a good statement figured out for here.

Cindy H said...

My money is ABUNDANT!!

jenny said...

This is my first at now I have forgotten the first word after Money lets begin again. Money is nonexistant would be my first thought. Only because I have nothing coming in. So no I would change it to Money is existing. okay now I would say because I have changed my thinking My money is existing in my bank account. Okay.. its there I can see it. My money exists in the bank account to pay our life bills and care for my family with their needs and wants. Okay its like Okay.. no I am not from the westcoast...just had an 80's moment.

Anonymous said...

My(OUR) Money is accumulating daily and available to us to support our goals and the dreams of others.

We are saving (have been for a few years) for a year off to travel, It's been really great to start small and watch the bills get paid and the savings accumulate. As a result, we've been able to give more to charitable requests that come ourt way.

Win-win for all!

Unknown said...


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Shirley Twofeathers said...

Camilyn - posting this ad on once might be something I would overlook since it was somewhat pertinent to the post - but putting it up twice? Please don't!

Unknown said...


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