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My checkbook is

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Finish this sentence with the first words that come into your mind:

My checkbook is __________________.

If you like what you just said... that's great! If what you just said shows you something interesting about yourself that you'd like to change, now is the time to take steps to make some changes. Start first with that thought, how can you rewrite the sentence in a more positive way, and still make it sound and feel true for you?

Remember, if you rewrite the sentence to be how you "wish" it was, or how you think it "should" be, or even how you "want" it to be, it will not have nearly the effectiveness as it will if you can rewrite it in such a way that you KNOW the truth of it.

Once you have your alternative firmly fixed in your mind, you'll begin to notice that you have a whole new relationship with your money and your bills.

As always, we all love to see what other people write - so log on and share. Something you say might be really helpful to those of us who read it.


Anonymous said...

"My checkbook is CHAOTIC" Which is highly unusual for me. Afer 16years in banking..I pretty much have a good system down. Right now, automatic payments and debits and a check I forgot to deduct have me all messed up. OH WELL!
I'm going to consider this temporary insanity and know in my heart that my checkbook is "FULL OF $$$ AND BALANCED TO THE PENNY!" WE all make mistakes and having my checkkbook kinda funky has not killed anyone that I know of so it's not a MAJOR thing.

Melissa Krumholt said...

"My checkbook is rarely used." Who writes checks anymore? My bank account, however, is pretty erratic these days since I left my cushy job to pursue my dreams. I bounced a check recently and that HURT! But, I keep plodding along because I know that if I keep following my heart the universe will take care of me.

Mark said...

My checkbook is always ready for action! Every check written increases the balance in the account automatically, don't know how, but I'm sure glad that happens. I love writing checks for everyone - when the deposit the check, their account starts doing the same thing!!

Unknown said...

To mkrumholt - I support you 100%. When doubt creeps in there is all manner of support for that too! It does not reflect the truth of your inner being. Please dream on - I thank you for your contribution to the embellishment of the whole.

My checquebook is useless as I don't use cheques. I was aware that when I saw the word checkbook my mind did a little nervous scattered dance and I ran away - again. When I came back I felt really grateful for having gotten rid of it as a source of great confusion and misunderstandings.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Well... My checkbook is a disaster area. Partly because I don't often use it, and partly because my money consistently hides under my bed... LOL...

I was, however, easily able to flip this one to read: My checkbook is my friend. We don't often see one another anymore, and we rarely talk, but still and all, we remain on friendly terms.

And - yes - I do plan do to a day on the "bank account." I'll bet that one day soon, checks will be a thing of the past... like... 8 track tapes and poodle skirts.

Love you guys! I'm really enjoying all this great participation. It's so much fun to read what everyone else has to say!!

Anonymous said...

OOOH Mark! You are great at this! I love it! Ready for action! Very inspiring! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

my checkbook is full of money!

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