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When my bills come

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's day three of our 30 day project to change our thinking so that we can create positive change in our lives.

past and future

Finish this sentence with the first words that come into your mind:

When my bills come ___________.

If you like what you just said... that's great! If what you just said shows you something interesting about yourself that you'd like to change, now is the time to take steps to make some changes. Start first with that thought, how can you rewrite the sentence to make it sound and feel true for you?

Once you have your alternative firmly fixed in your mind, you'll begin to notice that your attitude and your perceptions about your bills will also begin to change.

We all love to see what other people write - so log on and share. Something you say might be really helpful to those of us who read it.


Anonymous said...

I PAY THEM. Well, that's not all that inspriational but not that negative either. Ok, What have you guys got?

Anonymous said...

When my bills come I have a tinge of regret - a wee bit of resentment that the money could make me happier if I could use it differently. So what is standing between me and gratitude for my creditors? What is getting in the way of the excitement I feel when I meet my commitments? The thought that bill money could make me happier if I used it another way. What is much truer for me is that my thinking could make me happier if I used it another way!

Unknown said...

when my bills come....I hide...I hide them....I'm afraid not to be able to pay them....I resent having to pay them.....I wish they didn't exist....they look menacing....I have a scattering of images about the timing of being able to pay them....companies/people are so greedy!!!

When my bills come I pay them with JOY!!!

feels so good...

Anonymous said...

When my bills come all hell breaks loose!!

That's funny! It's funny because even though that was my first thought, it's not even true. Nothing happens when my bills come. I just put them in a pile and there they sit.... and sit... and sit... until my automatic bill pay service pays them whatever amount I've told it to pay.

I don't even check to see if it's the right amount.

Looks like I am terrified of my bills... maybe all hell would break loose if I actually had the nerve to OPEN them... I don't know.

So - When my bills come, I sit on them. Ha!

Hmmm.... I'm going to have to think on this for a while.

Karla - I like what you said... "I pay them" - problem is, I don't!

Anonymous said...

Yep I pay them, Shirley, but I didn't say I enjoyed it! I DO stash them in a bill drawer for up to a week or two sometimes but I'm overly fanatical and stressed about making sure bills are paid..sometimes even before buying food or anything. I wish I could just say OH WELL, can't pay! And it may come down to that soon. But they're paid!

Shirley Twofeathers said...

This is such an interesting project! I had no idea just how entrenched I am in my negative thinking about money!!

What I wish I could say was, "When my bills come, I pay what I can and give the rest to God."

I think my life would be so much simpler - my stress level would be so much lower - if that was what I actually did.

Maybe I should try it...

Anonymous said...

I Am Free of Lack an Limitations! I rise above all obstacles. I Am a Free Spirit, boundless, unlimited, Free, abundant!

Jacqui said...

When my bills come, I pay them and then contribute what I can to savings....sometimes too aggressively as then my spouse is at the grocery store wondering why we have no money for milk! :)

I do need to start thinking 'bout the bills though, most of which are set up on automatic pay. I use too much hot water. The electric & water bills could be lower if only I could break the habit of 2 20 to 30 minute showers on a workday...

I'll have to work on that, not going cold turkey though. Timer maybe?

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