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Removing Misfortune

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

According to the Romanies, extricating yourself or someone you care for from a streak of bad luck and misfortune is not difficult.

Take three small jars and nine garlic cloves, and a number of thorns from a white rose. Stick the thorns into the garlic cloves and place three cloves in each jar...

... I am so sorry to do this to you, but this post has been moved. I have a new website,, and The Prosperity Project is currently in the process of moving in over there. Here's a link to this particular post: Removing Misfortune


Anonymous said...

Ok so, I talked my little sister into doing this with me - and it was a blast. There is a little church right down the road from me, and I noticed that in front of the church was a little embankment that faced south. It had a couple of trees there and so the snow had melted, and there was a little patch of bare earth.

We went out there at - I think it was around 10pm. I figured if anyone drove by I was just going to wave at them, and if anyone stopped I was going to say something odd. Like.. Isn't the weather grand? or.. How are you today? or.. I don't know.. something totally irrelevant.

But no one drove by, and no one stopped.

The ground was not frozen - as I had hoped - and the digging was easy.

I read the Lord's Prayer (the english translation) and then after covering up the hole, I "hid the evidence" by covering up the disturbed earth with snow from the parking lot.

It felt so natural.. and so real.. and so good. When we were getting back into the car, I realized that I had discovered something true and real about myself - in my heart I am a Gypsy Witch.

My sister didn't participate, she just went with me because I didn't want to go alone. Which was really nice of her.

Anyway.. afterwords we went out to dinner and drinks (her reward for tagging along).

I had several "Black Voodoo Rita's" to drink which was almost as much fun as the digging under the moon. And luckily I didn't have to do the driving later.

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