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Last Day of Wealthy Week

Saturday, December 02, 2006

This is the last day of Wealthy Week. Tonight we burn a green candle, saying "Thank you for the money I have already received form the invisible world." Leave the candle to burn down and extinguish itself. Now you can gather up the coins and use them however you wish.

... I am so sorry to do this to you, but this post has been moved. I have a new website,, and The Prosperity Project is currently in the process of moving in over there. Here's a link to this particular post: Wealthy Week – day 7 


Shirley said...

I am going to miss my little burning candle every evening.. So I think I am going to do a "vanilla" version of this spell every Monday and burn a white candle in the midst of all my "plenty".

I looked ahead to tomorrow and see that I will need oak leaves and/or twigs.. I wonder how easy that will be to find, what with the leaves off the trees and all.

So.. I miss you guys. Seems lonely on here. How are you all doing?

carla j. said...

hi i just found this site and i want to join in. can someone tell me if that is okay, should i do all the spells already posted or should i just jump in?

Two Feathers said...

Hi Carla. Welcome to our group. I think you could just jump right in and start with today's task. And then, when the moon is new, start over at the beginning and do the beginning spells with the new (waxing) moon.

Moon phases are important to spell work, when the moon is waxing (getting bigger) it is better to do spells to bring money in. And then when the moon is waning (getting smaller) it is better to do spells to send money problems out.

Some prosperity spells are not quite as dependent on the moon phase, and we will be doing some of those in the next 2 weeks. But a large part of our focus will be on eliminating the things that block our prosperity and slow down the flow of money.

So, come on in - and have some fun making magic happen. If you want to have the daily post emailed directly to you, you can subscribe. There is a comprehensive list of supplies also posted. You will find those 2 links in the left hand column.

Once again, it's great to have you.

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