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Day Twenty-Nine: Eye on the Prize

Monday, April 09, 2007

If the puppy in the picture represents you.. and if the cookie represents the million dollars we've been affirming all month... how will the scenario play out? What's your story about it?


Cindy H said...

Once upon a time there was a dog named Cindy who could SEE the cookie, SMELL the cookie and almost TASTE the cookie - but it was JJJUUUSSSSTTTT out of her reach! But she was bound and determined to get that cookie and so she just kept pushing and trying and working and she did NOT give up and then, just like that, the cookie was hers! And she was so happy! And she lived happily ever after! And the cookie was so big that she was able to divide it up and share it with all of her friends and family!


Anonymous said...

Cindy, I love your story. I have been thinking of stories all day and here is how they go.

Once upon a time there was a wild eyed husky named shirley. She saw the cookie, and when no one was looking she decided to take the cookie. But each flick of her tongue to grab the cookie sent it just a little bit further away. She could smell it, she could taste it, and she could almost get it but not quite. Then all of a sudden the person responsible for her said, "Hey! That's not your cookie!"

Alternative endings include the whole shelving unit being knocked over before and a "Hey! What are you doing, you crazy dog!"

Or the cookie falling back behind the cabinet where it is gleefully shared by bugs and mice.

Even an ending where someone takes notice, and says..."Oh poor puppy, she's hungry! Here's a doggie biscuit." and gives the wild eyed husky named Shirley an old dry stale tasteless 150 year old dog biscuit.

I cannot get it to end in such a way that the puppy gets the cookie!

I even tried having a really nice person named Cindy come in with her friend Melissa, and they said "Oh what a cute puppy! Give her the cookie!" To which the owner replied, (somewhat snottily I am sorry to say) "Cookie!?! Cookies are not for dogs."

So, I am still working on the story. That puppy is going to have that cookie!

Anonymous said...

Here is an alternative ending to Shirley's story:
Shirley's wonderful petsitters and dogwalkers, Melissa and Cindy, came over that afternoon while the snotty owner was away. They played with her, walked her, made sure she was really, really happy, and lo and behold, somehow amongst all the chaos of fun being had by all, the cookie wound up on the floor right at puppy Shirley's feet, and she gobbled it up just like that! Her tummy was full, she had no more worries, all was well, and she went out to gallavant around in the big beautiful backyard.

Anonymous said...

Here's my story about getting the cookie:
I really REALLY want that cookie! I ingeniously try to invent various techniques to get that cookie, involving swinging trapeze apparatus and parts from the toaster and coffee maker, but dogs can't swing on a trapeze! I try to con the cat into getting the cookie for me - the cat jumps up on the counter and sits there haughtily - "Is THIS the cookie you wanted?" The cat pushes the cookie a little bit closer to the edge with its paw. I get all excited, ready for the cookie to fall down to me. Then the cat smirks and turns a cold shoulder, stalking off to do something more interesting than helping a dog get a cookie. Darn! What will I do? I REALLY want that cookie! I peer over each shoulder, making sure the owners aren't around and no one is watching, then I put my front paws up on the counter and huff and puff to hoist myself up onto the counter. I GET THAT COOKIE! I eat it all up! It is SOOOO good! I jump clumsily back down onto the kitchen floor, looking all innocent, not realizing the cookie crumbs in my whiskers and down my front will give me away. The cat runs to tell the owners, but I race out the doggie door (the chicken exit?) before they can scold me, and I spend all day chasing bunnies and playing in the warm sun. I did it! I succeeded with some creative thinking, trial and error, and some plain old-fashioned hard work!

Anonymous said...

Ok guys... I finally have a great story about the cookie.

A wild eyed husky puppy named Shirley has just finished an intensive course on how to find cookies. Her owner is really excited because she thinks Shirley is an exceptionally smart puppy, and sure to win a blue ribbon and maybe even the puppy of the year award.

She lets Shirley loose in the cookie store, there is only one cookie, and it's way up high on a top shelf. Immediatly, Shirley's amazing nose for cookies catches the scent. She tries really really hard but she can't quite get the cookie.

Then she has an idea. She puts both her feet up on the shelf, curls her toes around the cookie, and pulls it off the shelf and snarfs it up. Everyone is suitably impressed, and the wild eyed husky puppy has a nice full tummy and gets lots of praise for being such a smart dog.

Cindy H said...

This turned out to be my most joyous day of postings! I have never laughed aloud and smiled so much reading everybody's stories!

We ALL are going to get that cookie! You, too, Shirley! I promise!!

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