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Monday, April 16, 2007

Over the next several days I will be wrapping up the project, making a nice landing page for the link to "finished projects" etc.

I am also going to be working on some of the other projects that are completed, but not completely finished up. What I am wanting, is to have a nice landing page with links to each day of that specific project, all neatly labeled, and organized.

Also, I am contemplating breaking our "recommended reading" list up into separate posts, so that each project has it's own reading list. I think this will ultimately be better than one really really long list of links. If I do that, you might see a little flurry of recommended reading posts showing up out of nowhere.

Another thing I have decided to do is to go in and change the titles. I want to take off the "day one" "day two" etc... this way, if anyone is doing a google search and happens to land on a page, they won't feel too out of place, and might even hang around for a while, or even join us.

I wanted to let you guys know about this because when I update or edit the pages, if you subscribe via email, it's possible that you will receive those updated posts. So I didn't want anyone to be wondering why they were getting old posts all of a sudden.


Anonymous said...

I like all the "to do" notes except for calling the mother-in-law.
I wonder what percentage of marriages have been destroyed by this overbearing creature?

Anonymous said...

List making is my favorite form of procrastination. I once wrote a list of things to do that was ... and this is actually true ... twenty-eight pages long.


Not only that, it took me hours to write it, and then I had to alphabetise it, and then I had to find just the right font for it, and then I had to print it in triplicate....

It was a fine and exceptional work of extreme procrastination.

Anonymous said...

maybe, but the first step is writing the list, and then we pick out the easiest ones to do!
i like to call it prograsstination!
and then get someone else to call the mother in law!

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