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Monday, April 23, 2007

Sullivan Trucker Wins $19,500 Day Before 60th Birthday

A Sullivan man added $19,500 to his bank account one day before turning 60 when his six Pick 4 tickets with the combination 1-7-3-7 matched the four numbers drawn to win six prizes of $3,250.

George Lahmann said he’s "just had these number on my mind," so he decided to play them in the Missouri Lottery’s Pick 4 game on March 29. Lahmann, a truck driver for Woody Bolger in Rosebud, said he bought his winning tickets at Shell, 18201 Highway 66 in Pacific, on his way to Kentucky with his job. While he was in Kentucky, he looked up the numbers in USA Today and discovered he was a winner.

Lahmann plans to use some of his prize money to set up certificates of deposit (CDs) for his three grandchildren and two twin grandchildren that his daughter is expecting. He also plans to pay some bills. Pick 4 is a twice-daily Numbers Game that allows players a chance to win up to $6,000.

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Anonymous said...

Makes me want to get a scratcher ticket... right now... only thing is I don't have any "numbers on my mind", it's not the "day before my 60th birthday", I'm not on my "way to Kentucky" and I don't have a beard or mustache... so I don't know.. maybe I don't have the "right" stuff..

Does that sound negative and depressed? jealous even? Yeah.. it does.. damn! I better go and get an attitude adjustment..

Cindy H said...

It's hard not to be jealous of the winners! And I don't know about this guy, but it seems like more often than not the winners don't need the money!

So far I've had a remarkably non-prosperous couple of weeks - but I'm certainly up for the possibility of change!!

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