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La La Land

Sunday, April 29, 2007

So yesterday, (May 5th) I was in "la la" land. Here is a picture of the house I own there. Nifty huh? Here's what happened. I woke up yesterday morning feeling really good. I said to myself... "Today is my day off, and I can do anything I want."

So, I got up, took care of the dogs, puttered around some, played on the computer uploading pictures to my two picture blogs, and then I looked outside. And I thought about how pretty it was and I decided to work on the Prosperity Project later. I went outside and napped in my hammock and played with the dogs.

Then, since it was "my day off and I could do anything I wanted", I went up to the corner store and got a six pack of beer. I visited with my daughter, and was well on the way to a really relaxing and wonder filled afternoon of total relaxation.

About that time, Michelle called me. She's moving this weekend, and we were talking about when I would be able to come and help her move. And we got into this huge (friendly) argument about what day it was. She was trying to tell me that today was Saturday, and I knew for sure that she was wrong because I work on Saturdays, and today was my day off.. ergo it had to be Sunday.

And of course, she was right. It was Saturday, and I was 3 hours late for work... plus I had been drinking beer... and was fairly well lit... Anyway, I took a cold shower, gathered my wits about me (what few there were) and dashed off to work.


Shirley Twofeathers said...

In case the date on this post, and some of the earlier ones are confusing, they were saved as drafts earlier in the week. This particular post was saved for a little blub about our garage sale which has been postponed. I wish there was some way to go in and manually change the date, but I don't think there is. So... I love you guys.. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, thinking it's my day off and then being hours late for work is like my worst nightmare! Usually I wake up thinking it's Friday and it turns out to be Thursday, which makes the week seem longer... It sounds like you really need a vacation! We need to win the lottery so we can all go to the Caribbean...or on a cruise...which we can book at Cindy's and my travel sites...LOL

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