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Skyrocket your Chances of Winning the Lottery

Friday, April 27, 2007

Here's an article I found about "how to" win the lottery. I wonder if the method actually works or not. It might be fun to try it, but I don't know if we could pull it together or not, and I don't know if it would "pay off" or not. At any rate, here it is:

Want to know the secrets to winning the lottery? It's easier than you might think once you understand the secrets those in the know use. Read this article to discover how to skyrocket your chances of winning and winning more often...

If you're like me then you probably enjoy playing the lottery but are still waiting for the 'big win'. You may even be disappointed you don't seem to get very many of those 'little wins' either.

I used to be one of those disappointed every week too..

Although everyone knows that the chances of winning the jackpot are astronomically high - many thousands of people still win smaller (and not so small) prizes on games like the UK National Lottery every week. I just didn't seem to be one of them.
That was until I started discovering some of the secrets a few select people in the know are using every week to -

  • a) massively increase their chances of winning the jackpot and
  • b) win smaller prizes on a more regular basis

So, just what are these secrets? I'm glad you asked..

One of the easiest ways of increasing your chances of winning is to simply play more times.. ''Duh, obviously!'' I hear you say, ''But that means I have to spend more money.. and the whole point is to win it, not spend it!''

Well you're correct, but did I say anything about paying to play more?

I simply said.. to increase your chances of winning.. play more times. There are ways of playing multiple times at the fraction of the normal cost.. there are even ways you can play entirely for free!

How? Here's the secret..

To play multiple times for the fraction of the normal cost you need to be part of a well organised lottery syndicate.

Now I've heard all the horror stories about lottery syndicates winning and someone running off with the winnings.. or one time friends fighting each other through the courts..

Notice, however, I referred to being part of a well organised lottery syndicate. A well organised lottery syndicate that uses a proven mathematical formula.. a formula that lets you win more with the same numbers than you would had you played alone... even on lotteries as highly regarded as the UK National Lottery.

I know what you're thinking - ''How can that be? If you have to share your winnings as part of a lottery syndicate how can you win more with the same numbers?'' It's a good question, let me explain..

As part of a lottery syndicate you can combine your spending power and play smart. This applies to any lottery but for the time being let's use the UK National Lottery as an example..

To play the UK National Lottery you choose six numbers from between 1 and 49. Now let's say that you are part of a lottery syndicate with 49 other people. Every week the lottery syndicate has the same five numbers and uses its spending power to buy
44 tickets.

Why 44? Another good question..

If you need to choose six numbers per entry (and you already have five numbers) then all you need to do is buy 44 tickets using the 44 numbers you don't already have as your sixth number.

The brilliance behind this approach is you are always guaranteed to have at least one ball every draw - which means, in the case of the UK National Lottery, you only need to match two of your lottery syndicate's numbers to win a prize rather than match three if you played alone.

And because of the way the maths works out there will be multiple winning lines within the 44 when you win.. which leads to more money to share within the lottery syndicate.

Your winnings as part of the lottery syndicate using this method are actually higher for matching the same numbers than had you played alone. You also have more chances to win more often too.. In fact your chances of winning the UK National Lottery Jackpot are increased by an amazing 702%!

Now can you see what I mean by playing smart and the power of playing the lottery as part of a lottery syndicate?


Found at: Article Warehouse
Date : Friday - November 11, 2005
Campbell Forsyth

Campbell Forsyth makes it easy for you to win more and win more often playing the lottery (he'll even show you how to play for free!). To discover how you can play for free from wherever you are in the world visit: Free Lotto Secrets


Cindy H said...

It might be more believable if it was about the US lottery. I get scam/spam e-mail about the UK lottery a lot and most of it is probably fake.

I do think we should/could come up with a way to pool our money in this group and buy tickets together. I'm all for it!!

Anonymous said...

I still think the odds of winning the lottery (if you actually buy a ticket) are 50/50. You either will, or you won't. Because the numbers are randomly drawn, if you bought a ticket, then your odds of winning on those numbers are the same as anybody else's that bought a ticket. You either will, or you won't.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to think. Michelle's argument makes sense... the concept in the article makes sense... everything makes sense except for my life...


I hope I don't forget to get a lottery ticket tomorrow! For me, that would be the biggest bonus to doing it as a group... that I wouldn't forget to get the tickets since it would be someone else getting them.

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