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Day Twenty-Six: Your million!

Friday, April 06, 2007

What will you do with your million dollars? Do you really think you will get it? Can you "see" it happening? How does it feel to know there is that much money on its way to you? Is there an idea that you have to "deserve" the money? Why couldn't you just walk out of your front door and there it is? Have you really claimed it? When you say the million dollar affirmation, do your truly believe it? Does it make you feel excited? Would a million dollars make you happy? If someone walked up to you and said, "Here's a million dollars." What would your response be?


Anonymous said...

It looks like I need to read the book that's the "cool item of the week"... Get Out of Your Way... is exactly what I need to do.

To answer the questions: I would pay my debts and take care of my family and friends with my million dollars.

No, I can't "see" it happening, and no I haven't really even tried to "see" it. Maybe I should start doing that, huh?

I don't think I really believe it's on the way to me, and I am pretty sure that I don't "deserve" it.

I couldn't open the door and just have the money because I don't think that money happens that way. At least not to me. (notice the disclaimer? not to me? implying that maybe it could happen for someone else? like maybe it could happen to Melissa? or Cindy? or Michelle?)

And so no, I haven't claimed it, nor have I even gotten excited about it. (My goodness... this is just bad!)

And if someone walked up to me and said "Here's a million dollars." I'd be like... "Huh?" and rolling my eyes, and thinking I am talking to a nutcase..

This was certainly educational!!!

Cindy H said...

Shirley, I'm glad you are at least picturing the million dollars coming to one of the rest of us! :)

My answers:

I would pay my debts, buy a new house and take care of my family and friends!!

I can see myself getting it, but not all at once. I see my income growing and growing to where all of the sudden, that's what I'm making for an annual salary.

I feel that I deserve the money and plan on working hard for it.

I suppose I could just walk out the door and there it is. That would work, too!

Yes, I do get excited when I say the affirmation, but the part in there about "in its own perfect time" feels like a disclaimer and sort of takes away some of the power, to me.

I do get excited about it receiving it. One of my biggest dreams is to be able to have the money to get out of the horrible house situation I'm in and move into a better house with more room, in better condition, with a big bathroom and with a patio!!

I don't think that getting a million dollars in and of itself would make me happy - I think I'm already pretty happy - but I think it would definitely help relieve a lot of stresses and make life more comfortable and enjoyable.

I got a catalog yesterday in the mail that has a really cool outdoor daybed in it and was imagining me buying it and putting it on my new patio at my new house next to my swimming pool - and getting out of the pool and lounging on the daybed and reading and napping. Sounds like heaven!

If someone walked up to me and handed me a million dollars, I think my reaction would depend on who it was and if I thought it was real or not. I would be very happy and excited if it was real!!

Anonymous said...

I have been envisioning my million dollars and how excited and happy I will be to have ALL my bills paid off with plenty of money left over, and how wonderful it will feel to give my loved ones a nice substantial chunk of money to help them out too!

I keep picturing it coming in smaller increments though, because I see all these sweepstakes prizes for $10,000 or $25,000 or $50,000 and I keep adding up how many of those I would need to win to get to the million. Or I could sell a million-dollar script! Or sell a bunch of $25,000 scripts! So I do see the channels that are already open and waiting in my life where this money could come through.

I DO think I deserve it. Especially in comparison to all the rich people who I think DON'T deserve what they have - the ones who live to shop, party and screw around. They were handed millions of dollars and didn't do a thing for it and they just squander it and don't live lives that mean anything at all. So for me to work so hard to make something of myself and to make a positive impact in the world and to be generous and kind and loving, I DO think I deserve the million, and I think all of my friends deserve their million too.

I agree with Cindy that the "In it's own perfect time" part kind of deflates me, but the next line, "For the highest good of all" brings me right back up to an excited energy. For me to receive a million dollars is for the highest good of ALL!!!! I really resonate with that, because I would share the money and make a difference in other people's lives, help others get out of debt and move forward into their higher good, so I really love that part of the affirmation. Also, starting it off with "In an easy and relaxed manner" makes me consciously relax at the very beginning, so I am in a receptive and happy state while I am saying it. And I have added "In a healthy and positive way" to ALL of my affirmations now, because that's absolutely what I want!

Anonymous said...

You guys are just great! Your enthusiasm gives me hope, and lightens my mood, and I'm feeling (and thinking) much more positively about the whole thing.

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