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The Hidden Harmony

Monday, January 28, 2008

Every moment everything is changing.You cannot stop the river - it flows! But because we like to stop things, to make them permanent, we create a hell around us. If you have a clinging and possessive mind you will miss the freshness, the unexpectedness of each moment. Celebration is possible if each moment brings you something new. Then life is excitement - without expectation. Nothing can frustrate you because in the first place you never expected that anything was going to be the same forever.

Live in readiness to be surprised, never taking things for granted. The moment you take anything for granted, something in you dies. Expect nothing but be ready for everything. Then small things become precious.

If you have eyes which are open and ready to be surprised, to wonder, and a heart ready to be in a state of awe, then everything is beautiful. You have found the hidden harmony. Life is a great dance, each moment is unique. Be thrilled with each and every moment whatever it may contain.

~from Discover Meditation by Pragito Dove


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