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Opening Up - Our New Project

Monday, January 07, 2008

Welcome to our next project. For the next 30 days we will be exploring ways to open the doors to success, to abundance, to riches even. The idea being that if we open our doors to new ideas and new ways of looking at things, we allow a powerful current of psychic energy into our lives. This psychic energy invigorates and electrifies every aspect of who we are - in the boardroom, the bedroom, and beyond….

If you don't think being open is important, consider this: If your bank account is closed, nothing can be automatically deposited, not even pay checks that you've earned. If your electricity is turned off, you won't be able to watch television even if you have a brand new flat screen HDTV. It's pretty hard to buy food in a store after hours. Open is important when working to achieve prosperity.

So, today, let's take some inventory. Awareness is the first step on the road to change.

cool house

  • If your life, or your career, or your checking account was a house... what would it look like?
  • Is it big or is it little?
  • Does it look inviting? or scary? well kept? or is it going down in flames?
  • Which doors to are open?
  • Which are closed, nailed shut?
  • Which doors do we sit beside, carefully monitoring what comes in?
  • When opportunity comes knocking, do you fling the door open wide? Or do you peer suspiciously through a crack in the curtains?

Let's do some "home" work, and come up with some goals, intentions, aspirations, and/or ideas about what you'd like to accomplish in the next 30 days.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Ok. I'm going to have to think on this one for a little while.

Life... Career... Checking Account... Each one is in totally different shape.

I'll be back later after I think it through!

Anonymous said...

I am totally ready to be open for some NEW. New money, new experiences, new life, new energy. Let's GO!!!!! Spent some time today with nature and here I am after 1am and I am still buzzed with the energy of the trees. I am ready to step through the gate and start the new year right.

Anonymous said...

It's strange how we can be thousands of miles away and still be in the same place emotionally and spiritually....even after weeks without contact. I find myself more ready than I have ever been to make big changes in my life. The "Girls" here have all committed to change and supporting each other through it... 2008 must be a powerful year, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm new. Cindy from Gaia Circle recommended your blog, so here I am. I too have been struggling to change my life. And recently am discovering the things that are holding me back, diverting my attention and focus. I have doors all around unlocked and ready to open into whole new rooms that I haven't even touched the nobs on. Here I sit all cramped up in my living room with all these shiny doors.
Time to open them.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Hi guys! Welcome to dcambrian. It's great to have you joining us! I'm ready too! And I agree with Dawnofarabia - this is looking to be a powerful new year of change and growth!

As for how my houses look - here's my answer: My personal life is in great shape. It looks to me like something out of Lord of the Rings, only instead of a pony and a pack, I've got a Vardo filled with all kinds of cool stuffs and yes, even fireworks. Does it look inviting? Yes. If success came knocking what would happen? Hey, he's in the front seat... in charge of the road map.

I looked all over for the "career" house... didn't find it anywhere. Must be packed away into some little nook or cranny in the Vardo.

As for my check book "house" ... looks tidy enough - but nobody lives there! LOL!

Ok, so that was fun. If I have time, I think I might go find some pictures to illustrate and post them over at shirleytwofeathers.

Cindy H said...

Danielle, welcome to the prosperity project! I know you will love it! It has honestly changed my life in innumerable ways!

Okay, to answer today's BIG questions.......I agree with Shirley that my life, career and checking account are all completely different in looks and character!

My LIFE is big and beautiful. It is inviting, peaceful, and pretty well-kept, with most of the doors flung open and ready for visitors.

However, my CAREER is now non-existant, or so it seems, having been on disability since May 2007 and now accepting the fact that this is probably a permanent situation. However, I am now finally able to let go of the whole career thing and realize 2 things: first, that it's okay to not have one; and second, that a "career" can mean many things. I think the word career is sort of like defining prosperity itself - not necessarily defined by everybody the same way. Just as prosperity doesn't just mean money, a career doesn't just define a paying job. People have volunteer careers or jobs where they make little money but still LOVE what they do. So I think that even though I am no longer able to go out there and get a full-time "job", I'm still fulfilling my LIFE's work, probably more so now than before! So in that respect, my career is bigger, funner and more rewarding now that I don't have one!

Aaahhh, my checking account....let's just say that it's sort of like my life: A roller coaster. It ebbs and flows, goes up to exciting heights, then plunges faster than a speeding bullet into the depths of nowhere. BUT THAT'S OKAY!! Roller coasters are fun, dammit! And to quote myself directly from my myspace page, "Life is a rollercoaster...sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry and sometimes you puke!!"

So I'm going to open all my doors, even the ones that have been nailed shut. When opportunity comes knocking, I promise to welcome it with open arms and the door flung open wide instead of peaking suspiciously like before! Here I am prosperity! Here I am opportunity!!!

Anonymous said...

If my life were a house... If I were a house, It would be a big beautiful house with obvious signs of wear and tear. It would need fixing up, despite it's beauty.
The inside would be warm and inviting but with lots of repairs visibley needed.
It's a solid house, a great foundation, well layed out and mysterisouly charming in it's ways.
It's a house with soul and roots and grounding. The garden needs tending, the doors need oiling.
The windows are open and breeze flows invitingly through... but somewhere at the heart of this home, there is a closed room that fear controls. The windows won't open and the doors are locked...safeguarding, hiding.
This is the room I need to unlock, to cleanse my house and renew my life.
The walls of this room are thick, and fat, and strong, and stubborn. I say, standing outside the door:
"I am worthy of abundance. I am worthy of abundance. I am worthy of abundance in my life."

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Dawn... I love this! Your house sounds so inviting and interesting. Even that one room that's all locked up. It sounds like an adventure to me... maybe a mystery too. There must be something really spectacular in that room for it to be so well guarded! Maybe even something powerful and magical!

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Cindy - I like that rollercoaster image. It doesn't exactly fit my checking account, but it sure as heck fits my life! And I agree. Roller coasters ARE fun even if they make you puke!

Anonymous said...


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