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Settling for Less?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

"The space for what you want is already filled with what you settle for instead."

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I don't know where this quote came from, but it does seem to be true in my own experience. What about you guys? What do you need to clear out and clean up? What do you settle for? What do you close the door to because you're in too big of a hurry to wait? How much of what seems "blocked" and "stuck" in your life is caused by the clutter of accumulated "stuff" you've settled for because you didn't think you deserved better? Or because you didn't think you could have better? Or because you didn't think what you really wanted was even possible? Are there doors you don't open because you don't believe they are really there? Are there doors that won't open because too much "stuff" is in the way?


Cindy H said...

Well, not that my life is perfect now or anything, but I do think that since I moved and got rid of all the literal clutter I was living with, things are definitely better. I still have some clutter in my mind to clear up, but it's getting better, too.

It's hard sometimes to figure out the difference between accepting something that you need to accept versus "settling" for less.

I do think my door to prosperity has opened a little bit wider in the past few months, but it has a long way to go before it's open wide to all the possibilities!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! How on earth did you sneak in here to take a picture of my daughter's room?? Ha ha ha! This project has been great so far and imagining opening doors has really been working. I think it's smart to make sure there is nothing blocking those openings, though!! My guide told be to look through the open doors and see the paths. So I drew a picture of the door and many paths outside that looked exciting, no matter which way I travel on them. Last night I received an e-mail from an artist friend asking if I might help write a children's book. I wrote several YEARS ago but never followed through on them. I boxed them up and CLOSED THAT DOOR. Do you think that box is laying open now on one of those paths I imagined? YES YES YES!!!

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Actually, that's MY room. LOL! Karla, I love the idea of drawing a picture. Cindy, I think that getting out from under that other house has got to have been huge for you and Sherry.

As for me, my life really is full of what I've settled for instead. And it's full of what I have asked for and received. It's pretty dang full! So full, there isn't much room to breathe.

My question about all this is: How do you say "yes" to everything and at the same time say "no" to second best and not good enough? How do you say "yes" to everything and at the same time say "no - that's enough for now"?

Anonymous said...

i had a very interesting conversation with someone that reminds me of this room. she was explaining a meditation to me that she was given that wandered around through tunnels and tunnels trying to find a door. i said, if you go to a tree and hug it, a door opens right up. she said, that would never work for me because my situation is too bad. because there is so much crap in my life that i could never navigate that far. i said...did you find the door in the tunnel? she said, no. i said would she be willing to try a meditation involving a tree and she said no. i thought...this is a person who wants to stay stuck. as i am totally irradicating my diet by eating butterfinger candy bars and drinking beer. and THEN i remembered my own living room, and the amount of trash i clean up every day that seems to ooze from those around me at an alarming rate. i am, 'technically', as my eight year old would say, a trash collector extraordinaire. i have done a fair amount of this during my life and i think it is time to quit and slim down, in body and in surroundings. i think i am going to start by geting rid of all the trash.

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