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Open to Money Magic

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

If you buy lottery tickets, use this spell. Every time you buy a ticket, think to yourself that you are doing it as an act of magic and power. Say to yourself:

I am open to wealth coming to me,
I am open to good fortune coming to me,
I am open to my luck.

Assemble a prosperity altar, and put the lottery tickets on it. Surround them with symbols of good luck — a four-leaf clover, rabbit’s foot, and so on. You might want to add a small container of cinnamon, or to burn cinnamon incense. Put any money you find on this altar as well—pennies you find on the street, change from vending machines, and so on. Like will attract like, and money will attract money.

~Magenta Griffith


Shirley Twofeathers said...

I thought I might do this one, but then I find that I can't seem to accomplish it. Lottery tickets - there's one door I have yet to open. Even when I buy them, I don't believe in them. So, is that me having common sense? or is that me blocking an avenue of prosperity? I wonder.

Anonymous said...

Once you've won. It's easier to believe in them! We won $25,000 about 15 years ago and I actually won $398 not too long ago, along with lots and lots of little wins. I don't spend alot, just a few times a month a few bucks, but I love the actually raises my vibration according to my guide. Dreaming about what I will do when I win is another way of creating and attracting what I want to my life. Picturing that letter in the mail box telling me I'll be going to the Big Spin. Woo Hoo! It's fun and doesn't hurt a soul! Shirley, I wish for you a juicy win to brighten your day!

Shirley Twofeathers said...

I think you're right about the fact that once you win, it's easier to believe that you can win. Unless, of course, you have yourself hypnotised into believing that you can only win once.

I did win money with the lottery once, a long time ago. A group of us at work bought lottery tickets every week, I think my share came to something like $350 or something like that. At the time, I had no real confidence that I could win, I was just participating with the group effort, and then, once I won, I thought "Ok that's it" and I don't think I bought a lotter ticket since then.

Before than, I once did a win the lottery mojo. Put a huge amount of energy into it, was convinced that I'd at least win something. Totally sure of winning, I was. Totally! Then, when they called the numbers NOT ONE of my numbers was right. Not even one. I decided that must mean that I wasn't meant to win the lottery, ever.

Of course, later I did win (with the group) but that one didn't count since I hadn't bought ticket with the intention of winning.

Maybe that's the secret. Just buy a ticket every week, intending nothing. Maybe wallpaper the bathroom with the tickets I buy... something creative. Possibly, eventually, the Master of the Universe will see "his" way clear to surprise me with a fortune.

I think I might try that!

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