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Man is not an island.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Host unlimited photos at for FREE!Raise your hands, close your eyes and feel like a tree, become a tree... It is sunny and windy and the tree is delighted. Whatsoever the tree feels to do, allow: if the tree sways in the wind it is ok...

It is better to become a tree sometimes, to become an animal sometimes, to become a bird and sometimes even to become a rock in the sun, because we have passed all these stages and something of those stages still remains inside us, it is part of our being.

Man is not an island, he is not separate from existence. Man is involved in existence, in all its dimensions. The rock contains the man; he is its future. Man contains the rock; it is man's past. We are joined together. If you can start feeling like a rock you will have a totally different reality, a different vision, the way the rocks looks at trees and the sun and the star. One can get into that kind of attunement. Let this be your meditation; sometimes become a tree and forget humanity. You will feel fresh, young and rejuvenated. You will have the silence of the tree, the joy of the tree, the earthiness of the tree. Sometimes become a bird. Close your eyes and go as far away in the sky as possible. Whisper with the clouds...

All this is possible because we have been these things; it is our past, it is our inheritance. Deeper in you than man is the animal. Man is very superficial, just the last coating. Deeper than that is the animal, deeper than that is the tree, even deeper than that is the rock. The rock is our foundation, our very roots are there and we are spread all over existence on many levels, in many dimensions. Man is not so small as he looks. He is infinite, he contains all. So let this be your meditation...



Anonymous said...

I am a giant sycamore tree. I have been standing by this river for a very long time. Near by is a spring that slowley feeds me and the river. Nearest the ground I am dark, mottled in colour, which is right for it is closest to the ground and feels the energy as you look up I am white, touched by the purity of the sky and the clouds. The elves live amongst my branches and trunks knowing they are safe and strengthend by the mixture of earth and sky. The wind brings me messages of my friends, relatives and ancestors. for the wind never grows old, never dies, it only moves along. Telling it's stories to all who will pause to listen. Oh the stories I have heard all these many years of standing here. Some to make you laugh, the futility of man, some to make you cry, man's anger against himself and nature. The sun is warming me and I can feel the elves awakening. I must go and watch them play and do their magic.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

I am a gnarly hedge tree... young and sturdy but gnarly nevertheless. Two trunks spring from the same root system... that root system is deep and wide. It clings to the earth mother and feeds on her mercy. My branches are twisting and strong, wind and ice mean nothing to me - I enjoy the challenge. Sharp thorns protect the nesting birds. I take care of what is mine. Elves and fairies find protection under my shade. Make me into a bow and I will shoot arrows far and true. Turn me into firewood and I will burn your house down...

Wow! Daniel. That was fun! I feel really empowered now. Ready for anything!!

Cindy H said...

I think I used to be a weeping willow, how sad! But that was then. NOW, as I open myself up and reach to the sky, closing my eyes and imagining, a big palm tree comes to mind. I'm tall and strong and supple and can bend without breaking. And yeah, there are a few nuts!!

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