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An Invitation To Open Your Mind

Friday, January 18, 2008

The following is from the DVD Ramtha: Create Your Day - An Invitation To Open Your Mind:

You know the moment you wake up, have you ever noticed that you don't know who you are. You wake up and you don't know who you are. Have you noticed how you look around the room to orient yourself, and what is really surprising is when you see the person next to you and for that split moment you don't know who they are?

I think you should contemplate that a lot. We spend the next moments before we ever get out of bed reorienting, rebounding with an identity that for a moment we didn't even have, and the identity is that (thing) we start to from when we take a look at the person next to us. And then we get up, and we start scratching our bodies... and then we get up and we go to the latrine and on the way we look at ourselves.

Why do you do that? Why do you stare at yourself? Because you are trying to remember who you are. It is still a mystery.

But if you have to remember who you are and remember the parameters of your acceptance and the fence of your doubt, if you have to go through the ritual every single day to remember who you are, what are the chances that your day is going to turn out unique?

Very slim indeed.

But what if ... before you tried to remember who you were ... you remembered what you wanted to be, and maybe that came first before you saw your mate, before you clawed yourself, before you staggered out of bed, scared the cat and saw yourself in the mirror. Before you did all of that, what if you remembered something:

"Before I bond to the ritual of my neuronet, I am going to create a day that is astounding, that will add to my neuronet, that will add to the experience of my life."

And you create your day - you create your day. That moment that you are not yet who you are is the most sublime moment in which in that moment you see the extraordinary, you can expect and accept the unordinary, you can accept a pay raise today. If you become yourself, your expectation of a pay raise greatly diminishes. You and I both know that. But in this one state of nonconclusiveness about your identity, you can create anyway.

So I tell my students, before you get up and remember who you are, create your day. Then after you create your day, your routine will change. You will be a slightly different person staring at the urinal, looking in the mirror. There will be something different about you, and that will be a wonderful thing.


Anonymous said...

Okay I am familiar with this Ramtha message from the book "What the Bleep" and am happy to see it used in this project. I try to do this both morning and night. With my crazy work schedule it helps to cover all bases. I do think it works to set your intentions for not only what you want but the kind of you you want to be.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Setting an intention before getting out of bed in the morning isn't new to me, but the idea of recreating who you are before you are even fully awake is new.

I tried it this morning, with limited success. Limited in that when I first woke up, I couldn't think of who I wanted to create me to be... and then once awake... well... I still couldn't decide.

Probably I was feeling that resistance to success, that deep down "you can't be that" idea that keeps me stuck.

I am going to take Daniel's suggestion and practice this before sleep as well.

Anonymous said...

i like this. Now i can honestly say that if i wasn't sure who was in my bed every morning for a split second, i wouyld be deaf as well as blind what for the snoring. but i rarely wake up disoriented, but can lay still with my eyes closed and remember all the details of past bedrooms that i have had, and it feels interesting to suddenly be at that other place in time for just a minute. i will try this tonight, and tomorrow morning. and hopefully, it will stick. really, the true way to any change in your life is intention followed by action equals results....or faith plus action equals results.

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