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Butterfly Love

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I found this in an old folder when looking for quotes. Some of it, I don't agree with, and some of it I do. I did think it was interesting, and am hoping it will spark some discussion.

Butterfly is a mystic phenomena but you may not understand it. Butterflies can create more flutters in your heart than any other flying insect. Butterfly is also symbolic of man’s own existence.

Man lives in a cocoon. His cocoon is full of Ego,Goals and Misery. Man keeps on building his cocoon with false materials, He doesn’t realize one day everything will disappear. He keeps building walls of security built on foundation of greediness. Man is a caterpillar destined to butterfly, and only man and I repeat- only man never realizes his potential to become butterfly.

Caterpillar needs to die to become a butterfly. Caterpillar needs to go through metamorphosis to become a Butterfly. Trust me Caterpillar has no knowledge about colors he can produce in his death. But he still moves with trust towards unknown.

In death, caterpillar explodes into millions of colors. In living in this moment ugly caterpillar becomes beautiful butterfly.

Remember to Live in this moment. Live this moment with so much intensity that every death of a moment gives rise to beautiful next moment. Live this moment is such ecstasy that you have no option other than getting out of your cocoon.

Live this moment with so much love that you have no choice but to explode into butterfly. Just be in Love with everything you see, be in Love with nature, be in love with existence , Be in Love in your deep acceptance. Love alone can give you wings. Love alone is enough to make you butterfly.

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.”
~Richard Bach

Love is the only substantial thing in life, all else is illusion. Let love grow in you and God will be growing on its own accord. If you miss love you will miss God and all.

There is no way to God without love. God can be forgotten — if love is remembered, God will happen as a consequence. It happens as a consequence. It is the fragrance of love and nothing else.

Be in Love and I wish - you become a butterfly

~I Love you and Love is my message


Michelle said...

one of the most miraculous thing i have ever witnessed was the day our monarch caterpillar in his cocoon became suddenly three to four times bigger than his cocoon and soft, velvety and vibrant. it reminds me so much of all the little deaths we die every day, and how somehow still end up waking up in the morning. I keep trying to figure out what i am growing under my cocoon of fat....i'm pretty sure it's not a butterfly and more closely could be defined as 'cottage cheese'...which ironically, took the lead role in a movie called 'The Stuff' in which every living creature is slowly encroached upon and killed by a quickly multiplying pile of cottage cheese. i think my cottage cheese is killing me, too. i can't remember how they got rid of it in the movie, but i have tried many ways and have had limited success...actually more like unlimited failure. if a butterfly of some kind comes from this cocoon, it will be astoundingly large, anyway.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

This is my big disagreement with this particular post... the implication is that we are somehow ugly caterpillars unable (or unwilling) to change into beautiful butterflies. But we're not! We are human beings. Who, how, and what we are is good and wonderful now, today.

How do we know that the caterpillar has no clue about what he will become? Maybe all that voracious eating has nothing to do with hunger and everything to do with "soon I will fly"...

Maybe the caterpillar just thinks of himself as a hungry butterfly, and maybe he knows exactly when the change will occur. And most assuredly, he is not disappointed in himself for not having transformed as yet.

Are you disappointed if your dog, your cat, your bird, the tree in your front yard hasn't yet transformed into something totally different and brilliantly beautiful? Or ar you happy that they are who they are in your life?

I think it's interesting and useful to talk about the caterpillar/butterfly transformation as a metaphor. However, I don't think it's helpful (at least for me) or beneficial (at least for me) to use it as an excuse to be unhappy with who, where, and what I am in this now moment.

I've just been sort of rambling along with this... and it probably makes no sense at all... but it's getting longer and longer... so.

Michelle: Thank you. I love you, please forgive me. I am sorry.

Shirley: Thank you. I love you, please forgive me. I am sorry.

The rest of you: Thank you. I love you, please forgive me. I am sorry.

Michelle said...

Dear Shirley....I love you too and please forgive me, i am sorry.

TO the rest of the brave members of this group i love you, please forgive me, i am sorry.

dawnofarabia said...

I just loved this post. Shirley, I agree with you about the importance of being happy with with who you are at every stage of our lives... but I think that sometimes it's important to be in tune with that little voice that tells you to seek more, to aim higher, to be better. It doesn't mean you have to feel bad about who you are, just that you give yourself the freedom to dream, to fly up and beyond. I also struggle, Michelle, with my cottage cheese, but eventually, this disgruntled grumbling inside me will (hopefully) give way to a healthier me. The grumbling is good. The discontent a necessary part of change. It's not negative, it's affirming! I am loving my life as a caterpillar who knows what the dawning will bring... the beautiful wings I've been dreaming of while nestled in the softness of my silky cocoon.

the gay bookworm said...

Okay I had serious problems with this post. In fact I tried twice to express it yesterday with no luch so I just deleted. I don't see the value in the Butterfly metaphor in the project of what we are doing now. We are supposed to be giving and receiving unconditonal love. Where the butterfly story seems to say- I will love you when you become something beautiful that I can appreciate, not just a hungry caterpiller. I am sorry to each and every one of you and I love you whether you are a caterpiller or a butterfly.
PS I always thought that this myth of Cottage Cheese being good for you was a lie!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I think it's important to have the best cottage cheese I can. That way I feel free to love it knowing it's the best of me and for me. Does that make sense? Accepting and believing I'm treating my cottage cheese with respect and at least trying to mold it into attractive cheese makes me feel good and positive. I've had to really drop what everyone else thinks about my cheese. Some people are cheese lovers and some are more into pretzels. To tie this into this project, I've been watching how I judge others more. How can I expect people to not judge my cottage cheese if I look at others and compare? So I have been saying "Whoa!" to those thoughts and asking forgiveness and offering love for people as they truly are. It makes me stop and think about the individual..what is their story? How are they unique? Perhaps they look like they have no cheese and never will..but what is their life really like? Are they experiencing love and joy and adventure? Have they suffered and need compassion and understanding? I'm sorry, please forgive me for judging and comparing..I love you for who you are..thank you for the lesson that we are all one and cannot be compared!

By the way..I agree that it was probably a government led conspiracy to brainwash us into thinking cottage cheese is good for us. Ewwww. Just that word ...CURD..just sounds part of CURDLE..ya know?

Shirley Twofeathers said...

All this talk about cottage cheese reminds me of when I was in 4th grade and we made it in school as a project. Up until then, I had always HATED cottage cheese and refused to eat it. The act of making it, however, was really really fun. I colored mine blue, and I can tell you it was the best cottage cheese ever!

Karla - you are so right on about the comparing and judging thing. I like to think that I'm not critical or judgmental of others ... but when I see how terrible I am about criticizing and judging myself, it makes me wonder just how loving I really am!

So... I am sorry for judgment and criticism. I am sorry for all the times I with held love and acceptance because something or someone was perceived by me to be "less than"...

Anonymous said...

Please forgive me..I am sorry.

T said...

Butterflies are special too me. One time when I was practicing ho'oponopono, before bed, an imagine of a butterfly popped into my head. I think butterflies help you clean and erase memories. Thanks for your posts on ho'oponopono, I have enjoyed them!

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