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Love is Your Natural State of Being

Friday, February 22, 2008

Love is who you naturally are. It is not some state that you have to try to attain through magically acts of Grace or years of therapy. It is who you are in the core of your being. You exude love naturally and effortlessly without having to do a thing. The vibration of love is what resides inside of you at all times. You never have to try to love someone or yourself. Loving is the simply and naturally act of getting out of your ego mind and into your heart.

So why are we not always loving to everybody and everyone we meet and interact with on a daily basis? While love is always flowing from our heart, these vibrations of love can get obscured by ego-based fears and limiting thoughts. When we operate out of our ego instead of our hearts, we may unconsciously block the love vibration from flowing outward towards others. Cutting off our love energy is like driving a car with 2 cylinders instead of 4. The car will run, yet it will have a hard time going up any hills or going very fast. When you allow your love vibration to naturally radiate out to all you meet and know, you naturally fall deeply in love with the beauty and divine essence of all people that you encounter.

found at Enlightened Beings


the gay bookworm said...

One word on what keeps us from expressing Love all the time........FEAR. There I said it, deal with it. Oh and I love you.

the gay bookworm said...

Hey Everyone, I forgot to mention this earlier. There was a vigil/memorial here in Kansas City, for the 14yr old boy who was killed in California by a classmate for being gay. I was unable to attend but I would ask each of you to join with me in sending Love to his family and the family of the boy who shot him. Thank you and again I love each of you.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

I'm just now getting around to commenting on this... and for that I apologize. I did send love to the family... and will continue to do so.

Sending love to you too, Daniel!

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