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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Here we have the "wildest dreams" that were posted on Friday. The idea is to brainstorm simple and effective, audatious and daring, unusual and creative, surprising and not so surprising ways that each of these dreams might begin to progress towards reality. Let's think outside the box, and let's be open to big new ideas about ways to actually move towards those dreams.

As you read what each person has posted, allow your mind to roam freely through the realm of the impossible as well as the possible and then share everything that comes up. Be sure to include any thoughts that come up regarding your own dream as well. As you read what others have written with regard to your dream, open up your own inner doors and entertain those possibilities. Be friendly. Invite them in.

Remember: being open to an idea doesn't mean you have to act on it, opening a door doesn't mean you are now required to go through it, smiling at someone doesn't make you married.

Ready? Here goes:

Two Feathers said...
Ok, I'm up for it. The idea that I have that has the most "juice" to it, the one that currently seems out of reach and unrealistic, is my idea to move into a "Vardo Van" - a totally cool, wonderfully colorful, small but efficient, van outfitted much like the Gypsy Vardo's of times gone by. Along with that dream, comes the idea of traveling here and there, blogging along the way, "pitching my tent" so to speak at various places and selling art, telling fortunes, teaching Reiki, talking to animals, telling stories, and being mysterious and magical.

The "how-to" totally eludes me. I'm thinking it would require a significant amount of money for the Vardo Van and the Laptop. Not to mention the self confidence and the courage to do all that other stuff. If I had the money - I'd swallow my fears and go for it. So... how to finance my dream. That's the question. Any ideas?

Michelle said...
i want to create an avian rescue. i haven't had a lot of passion about anything for a long time, but when i think of those birds that need to be rescued it gives me energy and i feel the strenght it would take to do it. that says a lot to me these days!

Cindy H said...
My dream doesn't really involve myself or my family. It involves a family who are friends of mine. My friends Holly and John have a son who is now 15 years old. When he was 11 years old he suffered a stroke and is now quadriplegic. Unfortunately, he also is unable to speak even though the stroke did not affect the part of his brain involving speech. The doctors here in KC don't know why he can't speak. He has a voice but can't get words out, just various grunts. The only way this poor child has to communicate is through very time-consuming yes and no questions. He indicates yes with his eyes and no with a slight hand movement. He has an electric wheelchair but doesn't even have enough hand control to drive it himself.

The sad thing is that he is 100% "there" mentally. He can still spell his favorite word: antidisestablishmentarianism"!!! He attends school but most of his friends have sort of "moved on" with their lives as teenagers but he is trapped in this body that won't even allow him to speak and I know he is just so miserable!!! I also feel for his parents, especially Holly, who cares for him full-time.

I have written e-mails to Oprah and Montel in the past but haven't had a response. I just KNOW that if we could get Jeremy on some national show, we could get exposure to his condition and find somebody who can help him get his speech back! That would be the greatest gift we could give that family! As far as we know, he is the ONLY person to have survived a stroke such as this and lived AND still had 100% full mental capacity. Others have either died or are paralyzed, but in a vegetative state mentally. Can you imagine having a severe pain and not being able to tell anybody about it? Can you imagine needing your nose scratched and not only can you not scratch it, you can't ask anyone else to?

Please visit for more information on this wonderful boy whom I have known since he was 2 years old. It would be GREAT to brainstorm ways to get his condition national attention!!!

the gay bookworm said...
Okay so I like this idea of sharing our dreams. Even though we have done this before I think it is good to not only focus our dreams but to put them out there for the universe. My dream is to be the owner of the house at 1305 Owen St. in Saginaw Michigan. To have the wealth to fund or at least the start up funds for a community center where people in the community offer their skills whatever they may be to those in need of those skills. Where adults learn skills, pass along skills to others, adults or children. A place where people with time on their hands could maybe watch the children of people who need to work but can't afford daycare. Whatever the skill it is passed along to the community. From garndening to the arts, computers to automotive. This is something I have had in my heart for a long time.

I would also like to have the wealth to support artists of all kinds. There are so many talented people whose dreams of creating art are squashed by lack of money and resources. I guess I bascially want to be wealthy, wealthy enough to support others in their pursuit of fulfillment.

Karla said...
I'd like to cease working in an attorney's office and write. I like my job but I'd love to be creative. This would also free up time for travel to Mexico and for taking a class on meditation..maybe for learning Reiki. My guide, Ole, keeps teling me to BREATHE. It sounds so simple! I read somewhere that by focusing on the VALUES you wish to accomplish rather than on the MONEY, it helps. So I want to be wealthier, yes. But what I'm really after is FREEDOM to live the creative life I imagine. By focusing on the values I want in my life, it seems that more doors are opening. I'm still broke.. ha ha ha! but the quality time with family and friends, the opportunities to write, the travel to Mexico, all those things are coming into my life right now! Amazing!


Anonymous said...

Sorry I have not commented yet, and that this won't be much of one. I have been giving some thought to these dreams and nothing solid to report yet. I would ask Cindy if she could be a little more specific in her dream for Jeremy, are we putting our energy into a healing or was there something more specific you had in mind. I did check out he website for him and feel great empathy for him and his family but beyond healing I just wasn't sure if there was some other more specific need for him/them right now. Thanks.
Karla I feel that as long as you focus on the what of what you want to do and not the how you are going to do it that it is going to fall into place in an unexpected way. Just a feeling.

Anonymous said...

I know I am late in getting to the dream sharing part of this activity, but it sure was inspiring to read all of yours! I have so many dreams, sometimes it makes my head hurt. I realized a long time ago that when you are a life-long dreamer, it's easier to dream in chunks (this day, this year, in 5 years) with goals clearly attached. Often, my dreams change because of divine intervention, and that's the BEST kind of dream for me... one I know is clearly shrouded in "absolutely must do" rightness. Right now, I'm listening to my inner voice... the God voice inside me and it's leading me in a wonderfully freeing direction. I wanted to stop being so opressed by my work and my need to be super human. I wanted to be able to let go of the worry and stress of money, time, working, always working. I quit my job, just as they wanted me to climb the ladder even higher... I let go. My husband wasn't working, we had bills to pay, and I just let go. 6 months later, I'm happier than I've ever been, I'm pursuing my spirituality, and enjoying time with my husband. We've never been closer or more in love. The money has come as we needed mysterious and wonderful ways. I have been given some of the greatest gifts a person can ask for.. a man who loves me completely and who I love in kind, a life-long best friend who is my kindred spirit- my compass, and a connection with God that I was afraid I'd never find. Now my dream, for right now, today, is to make my life more meaningful and to be able to use all the components of my past and the elements of my present to make a difference in this world. To be specific, I want to help heal the world by finding a cause that I can truly believe in and give my heart to. I am open to the possibility of what I can do for myself and the world.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Shirley, I LOVE your dream of the gypsy life. I have a fantasy about it myself, which is part of an elaborate story I've been working on... when we meet, I'll have to share it with you. I can't think of a more beautiful life, than one where you wake up to a sunrise over whatever beautiful part of the world you might find yourself in that morning, and the possibilities of the people you'll meet along your way. The freedom of not having to live in a maze, a box, a regulated society. Ahhh. Daniel and I might just meet you in the same camp one chilly autumn evening...

Cindy H said...

I'm so excited as I read everyone's dreams and picture them manifesting in our lives! And what a great expanse of dreams!

Daniel, to answer your question about my dream for Jeremy and his family, my dream is to get him some national television attention which will most certainly draw the right and perfect doctors and/or treatment that he needs to regain his speech. That's it - national tv recognition.

I also have a personal dream that I would like to put out there into the ethers - I have had it in my mind for YEARS that I would make a good comic. So many people tell me I am funny. And I have joked for the last few years that I can't be a standup comic, since I physically can't stand up that long. And everybody needs a gimmick these days, so my dream now entails me coming out on stage in an electric cart and doing my comic set from there. Just sitting on a stool would be sort of boring, but it would be fun to zip around the stage as I do my comic routine. Although all this sounds like something I would NEVER act on, I'm opening up the doors of possibility now!!

I'm really impressed by the large and diverse group involved in this month's prosperity project! Kudos to all of you and especially to Two Feathers!

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Sorry to be so late getting my two cents in .. I had a day off the internet yesterday .. I need to do that more often, I think.

Ok - starting at the top: Two Feathers - I have this idea that it's time to start liquidating your stuff. Stop worrying about selling stuff on eBay or at a garage sale. Get the excess OUT! How can the universe move you into a vardo van when it would take several semi's just to house your junk? Do a massive give away.

Michelle: I was actually really surprised to see this because I thought this is what you were ALREADY doing. When I visited your blog, I saw that you had talked about it, and for some reason, I already saw it as a "done deal". You have already taken that first step. Now all that remains is to find your first "rescue" bird. And when you are ready, he will come.

Cindy: I'm like Daniel, in that I think it would be easier to get national attention for Jeremy if there was a specific attainable goal. For example: who does research on his condition? is there anyone? If there is already a place researching brain function, or stroke, or languaging issues for stroke victims, etc... if there is research going on somewhere, it might make sense to write to THEM and see what they have already in place with regards to publicity and promotion. I think it's much easier for Oprah etc to get behind a cause when it is something concrete... for example... the "Foundation For The Restoration of Language Centers in The Brain" ... then people have a place to send money to.. to give energy to.. and talk show hosts have something concrete to talk about and funnel said money to. So, for Jeremy, my suggestion is to do some internet surfing and find all those little researchers - I'm sure they're out there - and talk to them first.

Daniel: I happen to know that you've been thinking that winning the lottery is the only (or best) way to achieve this goal. My suggestion is (and we talked about this already).. my suggestion is to take the focus on the HOW and put it on today and what you are doing now. I think your dreams ARE a reality, they're just waiting for you to catch up to them.

Karla: Sounds to me like you are well on your way to freedom and a life of creativity and expanded opportunities. I think you are already doing what needs "doing", and I think it's all falling into place .. even right now.

Dawn: As with Michelle and Karla, I think you are already on your right path. The simple act of saying "I want to find a cause I can give my heart to.." and then following this up with the statement "I am open.." Well, that's huge! I can't wait to see what it will turn out to be!

Cindy: I like your comic routine idea. The first step, I think, would be to write and practice your first routine. You don't have to do it in front of an "audience", you could try it out on family and friends! If you get it written, and decide to try it out on family and friends - I recommend making a video of that first comedy routine. It might turn out to be hilariously funny because you wrote a good script. It might turn out to be hilariously funny for OTHER reasons... Whatever or however it turns out, you could then upload the video to UTube. This way you could practice your comedy, and have an audience, all without the stress or anxiety of a "real gig" right at first. All that can come later.

And I too am impressed by us all. And I really appreciate each and every one of you for your energy and your participation this month. WE ROCK! Our dreams ARE coming true!

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