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Loving yourself

Saturday, February 16, 2008

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Firstly I would like you to sit down in front of a mirror and look at your face. Try not to start thinking about how you look, but just look at yourself gently and calmly.

Soothingly repeat these words to yourself.

“I accept you” then breathe out and in.
“I believe in you” breathe out and in.
“And I love you" breathe out and in.

As you repeat these three sentences over and over keep looking at yourself in the mirror and feel what these sentences mean in your heart.

Finding it too hard to look into the mirror? Start by looking at a picture of yourself... as a child. Move on to more recent pictures. Ok, now sit down in front of a mirror, look at yourself with love and repeat the exercise yet again.


the gay bookworm said...

Oh MY GOD!!!! Look at myself in the mirror and say that stuff are you kidding. LOL As long as I don't have to be naked while I do it I might be able to get through it or if I tape a picture of someone else over the mirror. Seriously this is going to be hard. Good luck everyone.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

I'm trying to get up the courage to do it...

This is definitely one of those easier said than done kind of things.


Shirley Twofeathers said...

Ok, so I did it... and it was easier than I thought it would be but it didn't have the desired effect... and maybe that's why it was easier... I don't know.

I looked at myself and thought.. OMG you look old, and then I said I accept you, I believe in you and I love you... and the whole time in the back of my mind I'm thinking how old I look and how I need to lose weight and start eating properly and get outside more often and get more excercise... and how I'm really a let down and a disappointment to myself and oh by the way "I accept you and I believe in you and I love you" breathe... saying it again and again... but not believing a word of it..

So, for me it was more an exercise in futililty than anything else.

Anonymous said...

Looking in the mirror wasn't as hard as looking into the heart. The fat and wrinkles are somehow much more forgivable than the things waiting for me inside.

As I faced myself, I wondered if I could really say to that inner me, the one with all the mistakes, scars, and open wounds, "I accept you, I believe in you, and I love you." But as I looked into the darkest parts of my eyes, I realized that all that was there was a beautiful girl, one with an open and pulsing heart, naked, in need of pure healing love.

I opened my heart to that girl, and as my eyes filled with tears, I said, "I accept you, I believe in you, and I love you." It felt good... real... like a prayer. As I loved myself, I felt God's love flowing through me.

The ultimate realization- I am not alone. I am loved.

Michelle said...

i'm with the bookworm. What!? i LOVE you? I ACCEPT you? that would ruin my whole daily routine of bashing myself and "knowing" what other people will think when they see me. I haven't tried this. like the wizard of oz, i like to stay behind the curtain. i am going to try this, though, when it gets dark and all i can see of myself is an outline. or, i will do it in my scrying mirror for who knows what kind of results, probably scary. i rarely have a problem loving and accepting other people, but when it comes to myself i have the most rigid standards ever. I applaud all of you that could do this excercise.

Anonymous said...

I liked this exercise. It was simple. It was easy for me to look myself in the eye and say "I accept you" and "I believe in you" but it was harder and more uncomfortable for me to say "And I love you". I'm not entirely sure why that was. Maybe there are certain things that, if I really do love myself, I would be doing for myself - but I'm not - so maybe it was a little hard to look myself in the eye knowing I'm not doing what I should be doing for myself . . . a little guilty maybe? Hmph. Not sure I like that one bit.

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