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Music For Success

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Music is a powerful motivator, anchor and stimulant.

In a moment, think about a song that motivates you particularly, that has a bright energy which will help you work. Think of it, hum it or whistle it briefly so we know what we’re doing.

Now, make a list of ten songs that motivate you.
That’s the exercise for today!

Of course, you can make a “success playlist” for yourself, or sing, hum and whistle any of your favourites any time to give you an instant boost.


Shirley Twofeathers said...

Hi guys!
I'm back from Texas, and on the grid again. I missed several days and am now catching up.

what fun this one was! My top favorite motivational songs... let me see...

1. It's hard out here to be a pimp... from Hustle and Flow... love this, it reminds me that life isn't easy for anyone, "shit" doesn't just happen to ME, I am not alone, nor am I singled out to be the only one experiencing problems and disasters.

2. I'm your man... by Leonard Cohen. If you haven't listened to him - wow - do it now.

3. Don't worry be happy... this one's a no brainer.

4. All you need is love.... the beatles. And usually, when I need a pick me up, I'll play every Beatles CD I own (which is ... well... one)

5. Hare Krishna by Yogi Hari - I have this wonderful little tape of all kinds of cheerful and smile provoking songs by a little Yogi in Florida... the Hare Krishna is the one that came to mind first, but there are a bunch more that I really like.

6. Back when I had a record player, I would play this really fun album by Ram Jon Holda and the Portaro Porknockers... I wonder if it's available on CD... something tells me the answer to that would be a "no".

7. Help the Poor ... BB King. Nothing like some good blues to get the energy moving.

8. Pay the man ... by The Offspring. Loud angry rock and roll. Love this CD. Thanks Daniel for sharing it with me.

9. Son of the Sun... by Kashtin, This awesome little band is from Canada - Innuit - it's rock and roll with a french canadian native american flavor.

10. Nomad - Australian Music International. A drumming tape that I really love. My favorite song on it is: Follow the Sun.

So... there ya go... my top 10 motivational favs..

Anyone else have a selection to share?

Shirley Twofeathers said...

So, I've left comments on posts all the way back to the one called "I'm right behind you" where you send yourself an encouraging email....

It's good to be home.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! It's funny you mentioned the Beatles. They aren't my favorite, but one song will repeat itself in my head over and over (especially in the that odd?)when I am down, "Let It Be".
Do any of you ever feel like a song is SENT to you that carries meaning for EXACTLY what you're going through? Like yesterday, I hadn't slept well and was feeling really lousy and depressed, so I'm flipping channels on the car radio
and it was PHRASES that leapt out. "JUST BREATHE" sang Faith Hill. "I SAW GOD TODAY" on the country channel, made me look about and appreciate the beautfiul day. And on and on! Amazing! And I truly believe that the vibration of music can alter our state of mind quickly and gently.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Hi Karla... yes, I have had a similar experience. Not so much phrases in songs, or even songs by themselves, but I have had music CD's show up to help me through difficult times.

Two notable examples are: Pilgrim by Eric Clapton which brought me through a really dark time, and Ten New Songs by Leonard Cohen which continually soothes my heart when I am frightened or overwhelmed.

Music is amazing!

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