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Think Money

Monday, May 05, 2008

This is a fun exercise – I always enjoy this.

Alright, so think of some money.
Very good!

Now, think of ALL THE MONEY you personally have ever earned. All of it.
Think about all the money you have ever spent, on anything at all, since first you acquired a coin to do with what you wanted.

Now, think of all the money in your town. Think of all the money being spent and earned and borrowed and traded every single day, just in your town.

Now, think of all the money in your country. Take your time. There are many towns, and cities, and people, from the youngest to the oldest, paper money, electronic money, coins, cheques, credit card slips … yeah, all of that, day and night …

Now, think of all the money in the world. Take your time to get a sense of just how much that is, and WHERE that is, and how it is ALL ABOUT YOU, all the time.

MONEY IS EVERYWHERE. Go get some more!

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