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So Tell Me What You Want …

Sunday, May 25, 2008

One of the many ways we manage to talk ourselves out of desires and achievements is the thought of, "Oh BUT I don't know how ..."

It happened again yesterday with someone who blatantly wanted something BUT (godawful word! should be stricken from the dictionary!) wouldn't even ADMIT to wanting it - BECAUSE they had no idea how to get it.

So in order to alleviate disappointment, it's better not to want it at all, right?

If you don't WANT something, or you don't ALLOW YOURSELF TO WANT SOMETHING, how the HELL are you ever going to get it?

It's a structural impossibility!

So to the rescue comes the handy thought that in order to WANT something, you DO NOT HAVE TO KNOW ***HOW*** that could be possibly achieved.

That's a different topic, a different matter, and has NOTHING to do with the wanting of something.

I want to see the Earth from space, for example.
BUT ... I'm too old, not rich enough, it's impossible!

(kicks the but up the butt, and the but flies out of the window, never to return)

I really do.

And THAT, as they say, is my birthright as a human being - to WANT THINGS, TO WANT EXPERIENCES, TO DESIRE.

Now, it's YOUR turn.

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Anonymous said...

I want to have the freedom to learn more, to spend more time helping others, to create a beautiful space to do so here at home. I really do! I 'm saying I want to NOT work full time in an office and still be financially free to create and grow.
I don't know how but I know it's possible!

Shirley Twofeathers said...

I'm with you karla - freedom!

I want to create cool stuff, play on the internet, enjoy my dog and support my friends. I want to teach Reiki, talk on the phone, go to sweats, have adventures, and live my life without worry about money and bills.

I want to quit my job and live my life based on what feels good and what feels right. That's what I want.

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